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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 05 27

Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! If you’re getting leads with Google AdWords, consider adding the Yahoo! / Bing search network as well. You’ll see similar CPL, but of course lower volume. As you know with pay-per-click, you only pay when people click. Next time you increase your Google AdWords budget, ask me about Yahoo! / Bing. Let’s talk about Yahoo! / Bing search marketing in our next review meeting.

With lots of interesting Google news this week, we have a great line-up of interesting articles including: Google Launches Two Algorithm Updates Including New Panda; Google Must ‘Forget’ Unfavorable Search Results in Europe; ‘Ok, Google’ Now Available For All U.S. Chrome Users; and Pinterest Versus Twitter: Which Should My Business Use? Grab your coffee, sit back, and enjoy!

Google Launches Two Algorithm Updates Including New Panda

Changes to Google’s algorithms happen often enough that when they are actually announced, the news must be bigger than the average update. In fact, they released two updates this week: Panda 4.0 and a new version of their so-called “payday loans” update intended to clean up traditionally spammy query terms.

Google Must ‘Forget’ Unfavorable Search Results in Europe

Europe’s high court recently ruled that Google – and other search engines are required to remove results deemed to “appear to be inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purpose for which they were processed and in the light of the time that has elapsed.” While some are happy that they can have negative results removed others are concerned that the public has the right to know important information about dirty politicians and convicted criminals.

‘Ok, Google’ Now Available For All U.S. Chrome Users

Chrome has added a new tool which allows users to search Google by talking to their PC. Just be saying “Ok, Google” users can use their microphone to start a new search. Just make sure you have the latest update, go to google.com, and click on the microphone icon to turn it on.

Pinterest Versus Twitter: Which Should My Business Use?

It is no longer a question of whether your business should be on social media but rather which social media you should focus on. This article will help you make the hard decision between Twitter and Pinterest.

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