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This Week In Internet Marketing 2014 01 14

Internet Marketing January 14th, 2014



Hello again!

This week we have some great articles for you including: How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content: 8 Rules; 6 Tips for Leaving Your Marketing Bubble; and Brand Aid – The Personal Branding Guide.

How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content: 8 Rules

Infographics have taken over quite a significant amount of the content marketing field but this has led to a general decline in the quality and effectiveness of this style of communication. Many of the infographics you find on the internet these days are too busy with too much information crowded into a difficult to decipher mishmash of facts and statistics. This article demonstrates the best ways to take advantage of the strengths of infographics without falling into any of the common bad practices.

6 Tips for Leaving Your Marketing Bubble

Encouraging Internet marketing professionals to take a step back from their comfort zone, this article provides some great tips on how to try something new this year and make the most of your marketing campaigns. From making new friends in a wide variety of industries and departments to going online incognito for a purer experience, this guide can help you find new ways to improve your campaigns.

Brand Aid – The Personal Branding Guide

Branding is not just about your corporate identity anymore and this book summary demonstrates the importance of educating employees to understand the lack of separation of personal and corporate branding. A great introduction to some of the ideas and suggestions in the book, this article explains the importance of having a coherent brand identity as well as the cost of doing nothing.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2014 01 14

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