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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 11 19

Internet Marketing November 19th, 2013



Happy Tuesday!

Check out a few of the trending topics from the past week in Internet marketing: Does 1 Snapchat Equal 4 Instagrams?; How to Get Google Reviews Without a Google+ Account; How to Track Online ROI of Offline Advertising; and 10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments that Reveal Search & Social ROI.

Does 1 Snapchat Equal 4 Instagrams?

When top tech companies see value in trending mobile apps, big deals are bound to happen. Snapchat, a small company that doesn’t generate revenue has been valued by Facebook at $3 billion and other investors says its worth $4 billion. Snapchat turned down Facebook’s $3 billion offer.

How to Get Google Reviews Without a Google+ Account

This is an awesome article written by our content manager, Steve Toth. Online reviews tell your target audience a lot about your company and can be a potential customer’s siding factor for choosing you against your competition. However, Google doesn’t make it easy to get them. Here’s a way to get Google reviews from users that don’t have a Google account.

How to Track the Online ROI of Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is a valuable strategy; however, it’s expensive and it’s difficult to track ROI. But there’s way to implement online tracking techniques into your offline campaigns, which will bring clarity to the effectiveness of your ads. This can be done by creating custom URLs that direct to a specific landing page crafted for your offline campaign.

10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI

Back in July, Google made some extensive improvements to its advanced segments feature in analytics. This tool reveals visitor insights across multiple visits and tie the customer journey together.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 11 19

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