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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 05 28

Internet Marketing May 28th, 2013


Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting

Welcome back,

There’s never a shortage of news when it comes to the Internet marketing industry. Here’s some articles to keep you in the loop: Google Penguin 2.0. Spam Report Form Now Available; Yahoo Testing New Search Results Page; Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting; and Yelp: We Don’t Extort Small Businesses.

Google Penguin 2.0. Spam Report Form Now Available

Now with Google Penguin 4 out fighting spam, black-hat SEOs are scrambling to pick up back where their lazy techniques left off. Nevertheless, this time the penguin isn’t the only doing the hunting. Webmasters can now inform Penguin 2.0 of spotted site spam it may have missed, by simply filling out a form.

Yahoo Testing New Search Results Page

With all the talk about Yahoo’s big $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, many may have overlooked its new appearance. Yahoo! released a new search result interface. The page has a much cleaner look, with content sitting on a light purple background. The new added features have many similarities to Google`s homepage.

Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting

Some of the best social media campaigns involve an equal effort of online and offline tactics. Twitter is honing in on this theory by offering brand monitoring for ads aired on television. Advertisers can now synchronise commercials with promoted tweets, which enables brands to measure how socially responsive people are to their ads.

Yelp: We Don’t Extort Small Businesses 

Yelp’s lack of algorithm transparency involving visibility of company reviews has business owners creating their own negative reviews about the quality and integrity of the site. Business owners seem to believe that Yelp is forcing companies into advertising on their site and companies that aren’t advertising with Yelp have competitor ads on their profiles.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 05 28

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