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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 05 07

Internet Marketing May 7th, 2013


Google Talks Online Reviews For Ten Minutes

Happy Tuesday,

Here’s a few Internet marketing related articles you may have missed in the past week: Google Talks Online Reviews For Ten Minutes; Facebook Promoted Page Likes: How to Get Started; 46% of Searchers Now Use Mobile Exclusively to Research; and LinkedIn Finally Becomes “More Social.”

Google Talks Online Reviews For Ten Minutes

Friday 15 is a Google series for busy small business owners and this is a great quick resources to understanding the importance of online reviews. Roughly 70 percent people check online reviews before making a purchasing discussion. Online reviews not only help customers make discussions yet they also help businesses make improvements to areas that previous customers weren’t satisfied.

Facebook Promoted Page Likes: How to Get Started

Facebook has globally rolled out its Promoted Page Likes advertising feature. This offers businesses an easier way to get more Facebook page likes. To promote a page, the minimum daily budget is $10 yet at $10 a day the page must be promoted for a minimum of 7 days. With Facebook’s extensive targeting, this is a great way for local businesses to gain exposure in their desired area.

46% of Searchers Now Use Mobile Exclusively to Research

Being accessible on mobile devices matters to your SEO performance and most importantly to your customers. Statistics show that 57 percent of smartphone users go directly to a brand’s app or website and one of three users search specifically for contact info such as phone numbers, maps and driving directions.

LinkedIn Finally Becomes “More Social”

LinkedIn has proven to be a great platform to highlight a company’s products and services. Having employees showcase their experiences and skills also highlights a company’s dynamic. This type of online transparency provides visitors an essence of trust. Users can now better exhibit themselves and their companies with the new ability of uploading presentations, pictures and videos.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 05 07

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