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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 23

Internet Marketing April 23rd, 2013


How to Build an Online Community for Your Business

It’s getting warmer outside and you might find it difficult to put aside time for the latest Internet marketing news. Not to worry, I have collected some articles to keep you in the loop: How to Build an Online Community for Your Business; Facebook Launches CPA Bidding; 7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorrow!; and Twitter Ads Get Keyword Targeting.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 23

How to Build an Online Community for Your Business

SEO is constantly evolving and everyone must adapt to keep up! Building an online community goes way beyond traditional SEO practices. Just as Rome wasn’t built overnight, either can an online community. This strategy starts with a lot of offline planning; nonetheless, has many online benefits. It will help your business have a purpose, add equity and value, while strengthening your rank with Google.

Facebook Launches CPA Bidding

Facebook is now offering Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) bidding, enabling advertisers the opportunity to measure conversions within 24 hours. At the moment CPA bidding is available on Facebook page likes, Facebook offer claims and Facebook link opens. This feature will provide advertisers a better understanding of the most effective areas to allocate ad spend.

7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorrow!

You should always be reviewing the quality and effectiveness of your landing pages. How is the page’s bounce rate? Are they converting? It’s important to keep your landing pages updated and as relevant as possible. Always showcase credibility – add reviews, awards and even social media information. Incorporate company badges to highlight the value of products and services. All this areas are simple additions and easy to test out!

Twitter Ads Get Keyword Targeting

Without further ado, Twitter advertising has introduced keyword targeting. Now advertisers can reach users based on keywords used in recent tweets and also through tweets users have favoured or retweeted.  The targeting can be accessed through the ads user interface and the ads API. Twitter states that there will be no changes to the user’s experience.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 23

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