This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 02

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 02

Welcome back and to the month of April!

Here are some articles to help sum up the past week of Internet marketing: Google Introduces “Full Value Of Mobile” ROI Calculator; Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand Posts; 4 Improvements To Google Analytics Real-Time Reports; and Local Search Optimization, It’s All About Timing; and Google April Fools Pranks 2013 – YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 04 02

Google Introduces “Full Value Of Mobile” ROI Calculator

Google Introduces 'Full Value Of Mobile' ROI CalculatorTo provide more insight and value of mobile marketing efforts, Google has created a mobile ROI calculator. The full value of mobile calculator is expected to help marketers estimate the true financial worth that mobile devices drive.

Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand Posts

Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand PostsOnce again, Facebook has release a new feature to its advertising platform. Similar to Twitter’s promoted tweets, Facebook is now opening up the news feed for brand targeted posts. Now company pages will be able to target user interest with status updates that don’t appear within their own company pages.

4 Improvements To Google Analytics Real-Time Reports

4 Improvements To Google Analytics Real-Time ReportsGoogle Analytics real-time reporting provides the behind the scene clarity of your online efforts. The recent improvements now allow you to: analyze events in real-time; breakdown real-time by desktop/tablet/mobile traffic; create shortcuts to your favourite real-time segments; and compare real-time filtered data against overall data.

Local Search Optimization, It’s All About Timing

One of the key factors to successful local search optimization is syndication and timing. Ensuring your correct address and contact numbers are published online is important since many online directories pull data from each other. Avoid inaccuracy and start a prosperous local SEO campaign off the bat.

Google April Fools Prank 2013 – YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue

Even it the midst of hard work, it’s important to leave room for a good sense of humour and what better time of year to do so then April Fools. YouTube is “closing down” to pick the best video ever but on the bright side Google is now beta testing searches by scent. Check out these great fake messages from Google.

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    Hahaha, they also got me on the YouTube is closing video part, lol, but it later hit me that it was April 1st and I kinda relaxed. I was actually sad that they would do that.

  • avatar

    Google uses their pranks, fun widgets and easter eggs as a prime marketing source! Everyone knows about Google Pac-Man or their celebration of famous people!

  • avatar

    Thanks Vanessa, I was curious about that.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one out here!

  • avatar

    I’m not happy about what Facebook is doing with their advertising. I find it incredibly annoying. Does anyone else, or is it just me?

    • avatar
      Vanessa Copeland 


      No, you are not alone. I’ve heard many people complain about where Facebook advertising is heading. However, from a B2C stand point, Facebook’s advertising platform is only getting better. There are still many grey areas that need to be addressed with its audience targeting but I don’t see Facebook slowing down with ads any time… ever.

  • avatar


    @Vanessa Copeland – I know quite a few people who were fooled, even though it was obviously a goof. Some of the folks at Google definitely have a good eye for comedy 🙂

  • avatar


    Google just straight up wins me over with those pranks and goofs they do every other month. 🙂

    • avatar
      Vanessa Copeland 


      @omfgwhatisthis… I laughed pretty hard at the YouTube is closing video! Google definitely won this April Fools!

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