This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 02 12

With valentine’s day only two days away, you might be busy planning a night out or ordering a dozen roses. We’ve collected some hot Internet marketing news to keep you in the loop: In Big Shift, Google Aims To Boost Mobile Ad Campaigns And Revenues; How to Get Your Boss to Care About Content Marketing; Facebook Tests New Sidebar Ad Format with Horizontal Image Above Body Copy; and Google and Yahoo Advertising Are Now Working Together on Ads.

In Big Shift, Google Aims To Boost Mobile Ad Campaigns And Revenues

To comply with the high demands of mobile advertising, Google announced its improvements to AdWords dubbed “Enhanced Campaigns.” By revamping its decade old PPC platform, Google is unifying the management of computer and mobile advertising campaigns. Now, advertisers can leverage key mobile ad features without creating different campaigns for every location and device variation.

How to Get Your Boss to Care About Content Marketing

Selling your boss on the importances and benefits of content marketing comes down to knowing the right way to pitch it. This articles outlines an awesome 8 step program to selling and delivering a content marketing plan. If executed effectively, not only will your boss start caring but it also can increase the business’s overall success.

Facebook Tests New Sidebar Ad Format with Horizontal Image Above Body Copy

Mark Zuckerberg has stuck to his word on keeping the Facebook network bombarded with advertising; however, to keep up with the search engine giants, changes must be made. This is why you may have noticed more sponsored posts in your news feed. Keep your eyes on the look out for the new permalink page design.

Google And Yahoo! Advertising Are Now Working Together On Ads

Yahoo! recently announced its new partnership with search giant Google on contextual advertising. Both companies have signed a global non-exclusive agreement stating Yahoo! will be incorporating Google display ads on various Yahoo! properties and co-branded websites. From Yahoo! adding Google to its contextual ad partners brings ability to largely expand its network.

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    The idea that Google is planning to allow easier mobile advertising, is great! I like that idea of not having to create a different campaign for each time you want to advertise something.

    I know that that would make it easier for many online advertisers, because ti can be time consuming as well.


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