This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 01 29

This Week In Internet Marketing 2013 01 29

With a blink of an eye January has blown right by us. This year has a lot in-store for the world of Internet marketing, to keep you up to date we’ve collected some articles to keep you informed: Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement For Advertisers; Are Bing Ads Coming to Facebook?; Google, Facebook and Twitter may ‘face EU defamation and privacy cases’; and Mobile, Local & Search: 5 Sources of Innovation and Investment in 2013.

This Week In Internet Marketing

Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement For Advertisers

With the new conversion measurement optimization systems, tracking your Facebook advertising efforts will produce a better understanding of ROI on spend and improve future ROI. This feature is expected to reduce the cost per new customer acquisition and decrease cost per conversion. With a positive response from marketers, this new addition could boost Facebook`s advertising platform.

Are Bing Ads Coming to Facebook?

The biggest problem with Bing`s advertising network is the lack of distribution. This partnership not only opens up the floodgates for Bing`s advertising reach, if executed effectively it could increase Facebook`s search capabilities. There`s many possibilities that may arise in the near future but for the time being we’ll have to wait and see.

Google, Facebook and Twitter may ‘face EU defamation and privacy cases’

As the search engine and social networking giants make their move to Ireland EU defamation and privacy cases move in on them . Johnsons law firm has recently sent out warning letters to bloggers and twitter users who have been accused of abusing journalists and politicians online.

Mobile, Local & Search: 5 Sources of Innovation and Investment in 2013 

U.S. mobile ad revenue is expected to increase 36 per cent to an astounding $4.2 billion, no wonder mobile hype is on the rise. This year expect to see much talk about the intersecting lines between mobile, local and search advertising. Check out these 5 innovative areas for a perspective of where to invest some ad spend.

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  • avatar

    They certainly do find some good ways to get ads in everywhere. I guess if it’s making them money then they might as well do it. Now we just need an ad blocker for the phone!

  • avatar

    Download time not withstanding, Facebook would have to be nuts not to welcome Bing ads into their fold. The potential revenue boost could be just what they would need to explore a lot of other avenues. As previously stated though, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • avatar

    The article on Facebook’s new conversion measurement systems is good news for those of us who have only been using Facebook for small comment posts with links in them. Having a way to track ROI closer would make it more likely for us to create a complete Facebook campaign.

  • avatar

    Facebook’s Conversion Measurement and their other planned tools are going to give Google Adwords a run for the money. Advertisers have been complaining for years about Adwords’ lack of support for their needs. I can imagine that they’ll probably jump ship in droves if the grass seems greener on Facebook’s side of the fence.

  • avatar


    I hope Bing doesn’t advertise themselves on Facebook. The download time on my new laptop and its searches were at least three times slower than Googles. Maybe it was just my network connection, but I don’t think I’ll be leaving Google anytime soon. ^.^

  • avatar

    I read the article on the mobile marketing. It is crazy to see how much ad revenue is generated on mobile phones. I think a lot of it comes from games people play on their phones with small ads showing up when a game is being played.

    • avatar
      Vanessa Copeland 


      Crazy is right! And with mobile being such a young marketing channel you can imagine it’s anticipated growth.

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