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This Week in Internet Marketing 2013 01 15

Internet Marketing January 15th, 2013


This Week In Internet Marketing

The days of January have been passing by almost as quickly as the ever-changing world of Internet marketing. To ensure you evolve with these rapidly moving times, we’ve collected some articles to keep you up-to-date: 4 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement With Promotions; Maximizing Your Meta Tags for SEO and CTR;5 Ways to Fulfill Your Traffic Goals in 2013 Using Data from Google Analytics; 3 Social Media Tips to Drive SEO; and 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Content (Infographic).

This Week In Internet Marketing

4 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement With Promotions

Hosting promotions on Facebook has proved to be one of the most effective ways to attract new fans and produce a successful ROI for your social media efforts. “79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked.” The key is selecting the right type of promotion for your page.

Maximizing Your Meta Tags for SEO and CTR

Even though meta tag descriptions no longer assist a webpage’s rank on search engine result pages (SERPs), it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about their specific requirements. The content provided in the meta description field is still relevant to attracting visitors. Optimize these fields correctly to improve your CTR.

5 Ways to Fulfill Your Traffic Goals in 2013 Using Data from Google Analytics

When contemplating your new year’s company goals and objectives did Google Analytics Data play a role in your decision-making process? If it didn’t, that’s okay and it’s not to late. What questions about your company would you like you answer? With the correct modifications Google Analytics can provide the disclosure you need.

3 Social Media Tips to Drive SEO

Did you know that, “clicks on organic links make up about 70% of clicks from searchers online.” Organic links take up a lot of valuable “shelf space” on SERPs; therefore, by posting keyword related content to your company’s social profiles you can help your business attain more of that cherished digital shelf space.

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Content (Infographic)

You’ve spent hours writing that awesome blog content; it’s published, now how do you get traffic to your post? If you have an active fan base, social media is a great channel to share your content; nonetheless, there are many other avenues to wonder. Need insight? Check out this infographic and start sharing.

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