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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 20

Internet Marketing November 20th, 2012


Mobile Advertising: Success Clues

Hi everyone, November is flying by, Christmas is only a month or so away! In light of this being the busiest time of year, you may have missed the latest Internet marketing headlines. Here are some articles to keep you in the loop: Mobile Advertising: Success Clues; 57% of Consumers Will Go to the Third Page to Look for Reviews; 23 Tips on How to A/B Test Like a Badass; and Prediction: Anchor Text is Dying… And Will Replaced by Co-Citation – Whiteboard Friday!

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 20

Mobile Advertising: Success Clues

As mobile websites continue to flourish, mobile advertising is becoming a gold mine waiting to be tapped into. Don’t mess around with fool’s gold, rich media beats standard ads, use videos and in-app ads. Most importantly, stay flexibly with the constant changes of advertising.

57% of Consumers WIll Go to the Third Page to Look for Reviews

Approximately 87 per cent of consumers will research a company online and 87 percent of those consumers will trust the online reviews about the company. It’s important to monitor what’s being said about your company and have procedures in place to handle possible negative reviews.

23 Tips on How to A/B Test Like a Badass

Every A/B test differs depending on the company and it’s overall goal. Many online marketers have different tactics for testing; however, no matter what the testing process is, there’s one strategy that remains the same – “always be testing.” Check out these tips and become an A/B test master.

Prediction: Anchor Text is Dying… And Will Replaced by Co-Citation – Whiteboard Friday!

Have you noticed websites ranking without any search keywords in the title tag? If so, you are seeing the future of co-citations replacing anchor text. Google is beginning to dig deeper into the relation between search terms and relevant content, even without anchor text, on-page text, and title tag text. Learn how co-citations are altering classic targeting types.

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