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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 02

Internet Marketing October 2nd, 2012


5 Reasons to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Welcome back to another interesting week in the world of Internet marketing. Here are some article to keep you up to speed: 5 Reason to Add Your Business to Google Maps; How-To Improve Lead Quality With Call Tracking; The Copywriting Infographic; and 4 Steps to Easily Increase the Reach of Your Facebook Page Posts.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 02

5 Reasons to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Put your business on the map, with Google Maps. Besides the five reasons highlighted in this article, Google Maps is free and its a great way to capitalize on local searches. Simply sign up for a Google+ Local account and start optimizing in your local area.

How-To Improve Lead Quality With Call Tracking

If you’re not using call tracking as apart of your marketing campaign, you’ve yet to meet one of your new favourite lead generation tactics. Call tracking helps decipher which marketing channels are producing phone call leads and which aren’t. Understanding which marketing mediums serve your business better can help to invest money in the right places.

The Copywriting Infographic

 One of Internet marketing’s most critical elements is the art of creating consistent and, most importantly, compelling content. Understanding effective copywriting process will help when producing sales letters, web pages, blogs and advertisements.

4 Steps to Easily Increase the Reach of Your Facebook Page Posts

A Facebook post has the average shelf life of 3 hour before it’s lost within news feeds. Post from fan pages reach a mere 16% of fans, meaning the content shared must be engaging and timely. By targeting post by location and demographic, you can ensure the shared content is educational and entertaining to the right eyes.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 02

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