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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 09 04

Internet Marketing September 4th, 2012


This Week In Internet Marketing

Welcome to September everyone! Summer is slowly drifting away meaning Internet marketing is about to speed up! Here are some IM articles to help you stay on top: Guest Blogging – Enough is Enough; 7-Step Guide to Improve Your Lead Generation Efforts; How to Leverage Consumer Intent to Maximize PPC Performance;  25 Ways to Use AdWords Data for SEO; and Facebook Expands Demographic Post Targeting for Pages.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 09 04

Guest Blogging – Enough is Enough

Guest blogging can be a faithful sidekick to a successful off-page marketing strategy. That being said, it’s important to understand that guest blogging is merely a small tactic within link building efforts. Will guest blogging become exhausted? Find out the predictions for the future of link building.

7-Step Guide to Improve Your Lead Generation Efforts

Attaining an abundance of leads is great yet acquiring a consistent flow of leads that convert into customers is critical for the success of a business. Here are 7 steps that will assist your business in achieving its lead generation goals.

Leverage Consumer Intent to Maximize PPC Performance

In order to maximize a PPC campaign one must fully understand their target audience but they also must understand a potential consumer’s intended search query. By understanding consumer intentions towards specific content and KPIs will help you tailor the most successful PPC campaign possible.

25 Ways to Use AdWords Data for SEO

The data from a PPC campaign can provide valuable insight for a business’s organic optimization. The data from an AdWords campaign can be used to feed SEO and content marketing efforts. Check out how AdWords can influence your future SEO strategy.

Facebook Expands Demographic Post Targeting for Pages

Facebook attempts to make it easier for business to reach their desired audience by expanding its target post features. Pages with 5,000 likes or more will be able to “control who sees your posts in their news feed” by targeting their by gender, relationship status, age, location and language. Very cool new feature for Facebook marketing.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 09 04

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