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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 08 28

Internet Marketing August 28th, 2012



Welcome back! Can you believe it’s the last Tuesday of August already? Ever wonder how to rise to the top of your Internet marketing campaign? Check out these “how to” articles: How to Create an Effective Landing Page Funnel; How to Increase Your Search Rank Using Social Media; How to Do a Content Inventory and Audit; How to Optimize for “Direct” Website Traffic; and 4 Tips For Your Mobile SEO Strategy – WhiteBoard Friday.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 08 28

How to Create an Effective Landing Page Funnel

A landing page without a sales funnel is like an airport without a landing strip, your desired navigation is set up for failure. The key to a successful landing page is to have a clear call to action and keep it simple. Learn how to create an effective landing page funnel and increase web conversions.

How to Increase Your Search Rank Using Social Media

In 2010 Google’s support of social media became a big game charger regarding the measurable components of SEO. When optimizing social media outlets for a business, don’t forget traditional SEO practices. A social media presences must be authentic, consistent and managed daily to increase search rank.

How to Do a Content Inventory and Audit

Linking building is an excellent SEO assistant and can aid a website’s visibility. However, remember that it’s only one component of many SEO tactics. Content is king, that doesn’t simply apply to new content. Make sure old pages with little valuable content isn’t holding back the dominance of the entire website. Learn how to do a content inventory and audit than start link building.

How to Optimize for “Direct” Website Traffic

Direct traffic means a visitor arrived at your website by typing in the exact URL. For small and medium brands creating a name for themselves, a strategy must be implemented to generated direct traffic. Learn the online and offline tactics to optimize web presence and attract traffic.

4 Tips For Your Mobile SEO Strategy – WhiteBoard Friday

Mobile marketing is so hot right now! In order to optimize a mobile SEO strategy, one must identify the best practices for their target market, present users and site characteristics. The mobile Google Analytics and Webmaster tool can provide an abundance of insight to support a smartphone site’s success. Here is another great video from SEOmoz.

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Vanessa is fresh to the world of Internet marketing but as a digital native, she is quickly catching up to speed. Working at TechWyse as a social media coordinator since May 2012, she aspires to learn all aspects of this fast-paced industry.

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