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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 08 21

Internet Marketing August 21st, 2012


3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies

Your Internet marketing campaign is in full-swing; you’re getting leads that are turning into business for your company. On the other hand, your business may have changed since the outset of your campaign. Maybe you’ve discovered a new target market with lots of potential. It might be beneficial to tweak your campaign to focus on these new opportunities. Let’s talk about this in our next review meeting.

Happy Tuesday! Here are some interesting Internet marketing headline to keep you in the loop: 3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies; Facebook Testing Promoted News Feed Posts for Non-Fans; Google Reveals Some Recent Changes To How It Ranks Results; 8 Link Building Tips – Whiteboard Friday; and AdWords: How to Influence with 95 Characters or Less.

This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 08 21

3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies

The two key components of Internet marketing are paid and organic search. Both strategies can operate single-handedly; however, collaborating the two is a powerful combination that will benefit both your consumers and business. Aligning both PPC and SEO strategies isn’t an easy process; therefore, check out this article and learn how to pair both successfully.

Facebook Testing Promoted News Feed Posts for Non-Fans

Facebook promoted posts has enabled a new advertising options for pages, allowing individual posts to be seen by more fans. Now, Facebook has announced brands may be soon able to advertise in the news feeds of non-fan Facebook users. Testing has yet to commence, yet if rolled out this will change how business can reach a much broader audience on Facebook.

Google Reveals Some Recent Changes To How It Ranks Results

Throughout June and July, Google has released 86 search quality changes. Keeping up with Google’s changes could classified as a full-time job. This article reviews which changes are directly related to how Google ranks search results.

8 Link Building Tips – Whiteboard Friday

Producing content that receives an abundance of fast links isn’t simple for small and medium brands to attain. Pushing out quality content that gets links can become easier if a brand builds the right online relationships. Check out these 8 awesome tips from SEOmoz. Number three is my favourite:”Build good infographics quickly.”

Five Biggest Infographic Mistakes Marketers Make

Infographics can be a great way to extend information to an audience; therefore, they should be accurate and easy to understand. Here is a chance to learn from other’s mistakes to ensure you produce a successful infographic and avoid an #infographic #fail.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 08 21

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