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This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 13

Internet Marketing February 13th, 2012


Leveraging Inbound Marketing on Paid Channels

The world of internet marketing never slows down and that’s why we love it so much! Last week saw: how to utilize inbound marketing assets on paid channels; using Google+ for SEO; writing effective PPC ads; remembering; the golden age of SEO; LinkedIn vs. Facebook advertising; and the best social media sites for B2B marketers.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 13

Leveraging Inbound Marketing on Paid Channels

When you’re active in both paid search and SEO you may fall into the routine of keeping the two entities separate. This article from SEOmoz encourages us to use existing inbound assets for our paid search campaigns. Leveraging landing pages and collaborating on keyword research are just a few of the ways inbound assets can be re-used.

Boost Your SEO With Google+

We all know that link building and consistent, quality content are main two-pillars SEO. Social is definitely the new kid on the block and a few simple steps taken in the right direction can help steer more organic search traffic. This article talks about how to leverage Google+ in an effort to boost your rankings. Tips such as setting up a Google+ page, building your circles, using keywords in your posts and making the most of the +1 button will start you on the right path.

How to Write PPC Ads That Attract Customers

This brief article from the Google Inside AdWords blog offers up some useful tips for how to write a PPC ad that converts. Tips like highlighting the unique attributes of your product; include prices, promotions, and exclusives; and including at least one of your keywords in your ad text. Common sense tips that are easy to loose sight of sometimes.

Remembering the Golden Age of SEO

SEO is a very exciting field; it’s ever-evolving, there’s always the challenge of keeping up with Google’s Algorithm. There was a golden age where just by following a key set of best-practices we were able to optimize websites to rank well organically. There was still lots of work involved, but the work was more predictable and formulaic. As the internet has evolved we see a whole new set of best practices emerging, read this article for an interesting perspective on the evolution of SEO.

The Best Social Media Sites for B2B Marketers

This article features an interesting infographic that pits LinkedIn and Facebook up against each other to see who will win the battle or social advertising supremacy. Somewhat surprisingly Facebook seems to come out the winner due to the shear size of its user base. Among the top reasons B2B marketers use Facebook are: thought leadership, lead generation, feedback and advertising.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 13

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