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This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 06

Internet Marketing February 6th, 2012


3 Analogies to Help Determine the Value of SEO

Competition in PPC is heating up; a lot of people are seeing decreased impression share with their existing budgets. If you’re doing PPC let’s talk about this soon, if not let’s talk about doing PPC!

Another exciting week of internet marketing news has zoomed by. Last week we saw: some great SEO analogies; how to create actionable titles; how Facebook’s IPO will impact the social network; different ways to increase your PPC click through rate; and a drop in average AdWords cost per click.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 06

3 Analogies to Help Determine the Value of SEO

SEO is not a turnkey solution, it takes time. This article offers several analogies that help explain the varying nature of SEO performance. Rankings are in constant flux, results aren’t always a reflection of controllable on-site factors. SEO requires a lot of tweaking: developing new content, creating landing pages, and identifying new off-page opportunities are just a few of the factors that drive the need for adjusting budgets.

How to Create a Title that Screams “Click Me!”

The pressure’s on to create a clickable title for this post! This article from the whiz-kids at SEOmoz talks about essential elements for creating titles. Titles that demonstrate curiosity, benefit, emotion, appearance and expectation are just some of the tips offered in the article. In the newspaper business the writer doesn’t write the headlines, it’s an art and it often goes overlooked on the internet.

Speculating on How Facebook’s IPO Could Impact its Services

Mid-last week Facebook announced that it would be going public later this year. Estimates put Facebook’s value at $75-100 Billion. Speculation on how Facebook may change has begun to spring up on the internet. This article talks about the possibility of a premium service, better mobile experience and more visible ads. It will be interesting to see how Facebook can further monetize their platform.

Strategies to Increase Your PPC Click Through Rate

This article provides some quick and easy PPC tips that we employ everyday. Tips like using extended headlines, sitelinks, harnessing your URLs as marketing copy, seasonal headlines, and constant testing will help to boost the click through rate of your pay per click ad. Conversion rate is whole other game, driving traffic by increasing CTR is only the first step!

Average Cost Per Click in AdWords Drops by 8%

This article talks about Google’s reported figure of an 8% decrease in CPC for AdWords ads. We’re sceptical about this stat because average CPC is a very generic figure. Where the cost for competitive keywords continues to grow, new players enter the AdWords space in segments  with relatively low competition – bringing the average CPC down.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 02 06

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