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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 09 19

Internet Marketing September 19th, 2011



Another week of exciting news has flown by, here’s a recap of the week that came and went: how to use PPC to test your organic landing pages; the +1 button’s affect on quality score; tips for getting more online reviews; a great intro to SEO; and Twitter’s release of their new analytics platform.

Internet Marketing News 2011 09 19

How PPC Can Help Test Your Organic Landing Page’s Performance

PPC gives us the ability to test and see results quickly. This article explains 3 ways we can use PPC to improve the overall SEO strategy. By testing different elements like content and title tags through PPC you can gather data without affecting your organic rank.

Can the +1 button Influence Your AdWords Quality Score?

Quality Score is the score Google gives your PPC ad based on its relevance  to the corresponding landing page. This article examines the question of whether or not +1’s would increase your quality score and make your ads rank higher. 

5 Tips for More Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can go a long way on sites like Google Places. This article outlines 5 quick tips for how to get more of your customers writing reviews online. Tip #4 “do it promptly. Don’t wait.” The longer you wait, the less likely a customer who has just bought your product or service will write a review.

SEO Explained in an Informative 3 Minute Video

This is a great little video that acts as an SEO 101 for those who don’t live and breathe it everyday. Using analogies like “search engines are the librarians of the web,” the video explain SEO in layman’s terms. It also covers elements like titles, links and what makes websites rise to the top of search engines.

Twitter Launches New Analytics Platform

It turns out that a lot of referral traffic that comes from Twitter has gone underreported by Google Analytics. To combat this Twitter has released their own analytics platform that will initially be rolled out to select users and then the wider public in the coming weeks. One step forward for social media reporting!

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 09 19

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