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This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 01

Internet Marketing August 1st, 2011



The week that passed was not without its share of internet marketing news, last week brought us interesting insights on how Google+ can improve your SEO; what content performs the best in Google universal search; more visibility for promoted tweets; and stats on mobile YouTube usage.

Internet Marketing News 2011 08 01

How Google+ Can Lead to Better Rankings

Search Engine Land has put together another great resource, this time focussing on how Google+ can help you search engine ranking. Social search is still in its early stages and social recommendations are powerful word of mouth marketing tools. Adding +1’s and sharing links in Google+ are only the beginning, read the article for full details.

Top Performing Content in Google Universal Search

Searchmetrics came out with some interesting numbers last week regarding top performing content in Google universal search results. Their findings show that videos have outperformed all other content by a substantial margin. Having video helps you standout online, do you have videos that aren’t online? If not, it won’t hurt to put them up on YouTube and increase your visibility.

Promoted Tweets Now More Prominent

Known as “promoted tweets” sponsored messages will soon be displayed more prominently on a Twitter feed near you. Twitter will be rolling out the new feature with a select group of advertisers in the coming weeks. It will interesting to see if promoted tweets interfere with the “no nonsense” Twitter UI.

YouTube Hogs 22% of Mobile Data Useage

The mobile web is here, we are seeing a lot of our clients asking for mobile websites. Some interesting data from Allot Communications’ Mobile Trends Report show that YouTube is gaining momentum in the mobile space. All the more reason to get your videos online and get your mobile strategy going.

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2011 08 01

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