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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 09

Internet Marketing May 9th, 2011



This week we take a look at Google’s plans to photograph your business; the evolution of email through the eyes of Microsoft; optimizing your Google Places listings; a big purchase for Twitter; and Flash support for Google Instant Previews.

Internet Marketing News 2011 05 09

Google Announces “Business Photos”

Google Places is great for getting your business on the map, literally. With each places listing you’re able to upload 10 photos, but the problem is not everyone has great photos of their business. Well Google has the answer for you: “Business Photos.” In select U.S., Japanese, Australian and New Zealand cities Google will be hiring professional photographers to take pictures, for free! Apply now.

The Evolution of Email

This past April we blogged about the impact of social media on email use, recently Microsoft commissioned a study to get a better sense of “email habits and other forms of communication at home and at work.” According to the survey most of the over 1000 respondents predict their email usage will stay the same, where only a small fraction felt that it would decrease. Check it out, if not just for the cool infographic.

How To Optimize Your Google Places Page

Here at TechWyse we’re all about Google Places because it’s a great tool for SEO and getting your business found by potential customers. The experts at SEO Moz have put together a great how to on optimizing your Places listing. Learn how to get your business optimized.

TweetDeck Sold To Twitter for 40+ Million

In the past we’ve used TweetDeck to schedule and update multiple social media sites simultaneously. It seems that the founders have realized their dream and sold the company and it’s multi-platform applications to none other than Twitter itself. The acquisition brings more fire power to the already popular and powerful app.

Google Instant Previews Now Offer Flash Support

Last week we reported on Google AdWords for Instant Preview. In case you missed it, Instant Preview allows users to visually preview a website before clicking the link. Up until now websites in Flash were not able to preview. With last week’s announcement of Instant Preview for AdWords, it’s a fitting time for Google to incorporate Flash support.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 09

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