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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 03

Internet Marketing May 3rd, 2011



Our weekly wrap on what’s new and interesting in the world of internet marketing starts with a Royal record breaking day for video streaming; a new way to see Google AdWords; the sale of a popular social bookmarking site; and yet another big player entering the group buying business.

Internet Marketing News 2011 05 03

Royal Wedding Breaks Live Streaming Record

royal-wedding How could we let this week pass by without talking about the Royal wedding? It turns out that last Friday’s events actually made internet history. According to Akamai the Royal wedding’s concurrent live streams on Akamai servers “surpassed the 1.6M peak set by he World Cup in June 2010.” How did you watch the Royal wedding?

Google AdWords Now Feature Instant Preview

adwords-preview Last fall Google announced Instant Preview for organic search results. Last week they announced that they will be doing the same thing for paid search ads. Instant Preview allows searchers to view a visual preview of website before they click on it. Now that Instant Preview will be available for paid ads will Instant Preview fulfill Google’s claim of getting you “even more highly-qualified traffic to your site?”

YouTube Founders Buy Delicious From Yahoo

youtube-buys-delicious Social Bookmarking website Delicious was sold to YouTube founders for a reported $5M last week. This comes 6 years after Yahoo’s original purchase of Delicious from its founder Joshua Schachter. Delicious is often used for SEO off-page back linking and driving traffic. The site’s estimated 5.3M users ad 180M+ bookmarks definitely hold some value,  It will be interesting to see if there’s a new monetization strategy waiting in the wings.

Facebook Deals Goes After Groupon

facebook-deal Last week we reported Google’s attempt to oust Groupon as the internet’s group-buying giant, this time it’s Facebook’s turn. Social Commerce is accelerating and with major players like Google and Facebook getting in on the competition, it looks like Groupon could potentially meet their match.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 05 03

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