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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 01 24

Well we are now well into January and for most of our own clients this represents a very busy time.  People are back at work and back in the game.  This week we are focusing on things that you can do in the ‘non-paid’ search world to improve your own visibility.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Internet Marketing News 2011 01 24

The Future Of Mobile Search Is Here

Want to learn about the impact of mobile search?  This is a great article explaining the growth of the Smartphone, the rise of ‘localized’ search in mobile and the future trends that are right upon us.  A must read for any business owner.  Are you considering building a mobile version of your website yet?  You can check our our iPhone website now by going to our website on your iPhone!

SEO Tactics To Avoid in 2011

Many of these SEO tactics to avoid are very fundamental but I really like the layout of this article.  If you are interested in finding out what NOT to do with your website and what SEO tactics you absolutely need to avoid in 2011 this is a solid and quick read.

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter is still a fairly new tool in the online world.  Here is a quick and easy article which explains some simple things you can do to improve your overall Twitter strategy.  Tactics include ensuring critical words are at the beginning of tweets, ensuring you are tweeting with quality in mind, and also suggests optimal time to send your tweets.

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Facebook Strategy

While we are on the subject, here are some great ways to engage your Facebook page.  Some suggestions include, creating contests that engage people and involve them in your business, making your page a destination and involving your page in local community.  Some simple concepts that are easy to follow!

New Way Back Machine Changes Make Viewing Old Sites Easier

Way Back Machine is a very old site which was very useful in helping to archive and view older versions of websites.  The key word is that the previous site design and usability was very old.  It seems they have made some updates which make viewing older versions of website much more fun!  It is sometimes fun to see how far the internet has come and so fast.  Nice to see the old site is back!  Looking at the TechWyse website and its own transformation is very interesting!

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