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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 01 17

Internet Marketing January 18th, 2011



The internet is growing.  Heard that before?  Well in this weeks update you will notice quite a few references to some new stats I have uncovered that show the growth of the online medium both on regular web, social and mobile.  Yes the online medium continues to sore in terms of growth.  If there is a time to make sure you are involved in both social and mobile advertising – it is now!  Enjoy!

Internet Marketing News 2011 01 17

More People Referencing Internet As Main Source of News Over Newspaper and Radio

internet If you are someone interested in media trends this article is excellent in highlighting the internet as the fastest growing medium for referencing information amongst existing media areas.  The internet has risen from 20% in 2005 to 41% in 2010.  Television is still the number one source at 66% down from 73% in 2005.  Newspaper and Radio were 3rd and 4th respectively and show declining numbers over the last 5 years as well.

Facebook Ad Revenue Hits $1.86 Billion Dollars

facebook-ads Not bad for a company that is barely 7 years old.  Many people were wondering why Facebook was taking so long to begin advertising.  Now revenues from those little banner ads on the left side of your screen are generating almost $2 billion dollars a year.  Our own research shows that the cost per lead from this form of advertising is generally worse than that of doing paid search campaigns on Google, Yahoo! or Bing but there is a branding element there that is harder to measure.

94% of Companies Not Using Social Media To Gather Customer Feedback

social-media Our ‘Social Media Angel’ service does some wonderful things in building your following of people interested in what you have to say.  But did you know that many companies are still not using this powerful medium to get valuable feedback from customers?  While 92% of companies believe that satisfied customers are very important only 42% ask for customer feedback for improvement.

The Power Of Using Negative Keywords In Paid Search Campaigns

negative-keyword We talk regularly when talking to new clients that have had a bad experience using paid search and most of them have never used ‘negative keywords’.  This is a great article that explains what ‘negative keywords’ are and also illustrates very well the impact that using these as a prominent part of your campaign can have.

Google Places With Hotpot Now Available on the iPhone

google-places-hot-pot Wondering about the growth of mobile?  Google recently released an interactive way for users to offer valuable feedback on places the visit and see.  It is called Hotpot.  It is expected to play a big role in the growth of Google Places.  They recently announced that there is an application now available on the iPhone.  We continue to watch the power of mobile in the online world.

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 01 17

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