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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 10 12

Internet Marketing October 13th, 2010



Another week has gone by and we’ve got a lot more exciting news for you with week!  Here is a look at your week in the online world:

Internet Marketing News – 2010 10 13

Performance at Scale on the Google Display Network

Performance at Scale on the Google Display NetworkGoogle Launched two tools this week to help advertisers maximize their exposure on the Google Display Network.  These are the Display Campaign Optimizer and the Contextual Targeting Tool.  We’ve been digging into both and we’re happy to have more useful tools to add to our belt!

Yahoo! Rolls Out Updated Mobile Search

Yahoo! Rolls Out Updated Mobile SearchYahoo! rolled out an updated search tool for smartphones this week.  They have honed the search results for local business listings, stocks, entertainment etc.  While Yahoo! is making an effort to go mobile, I’m waiting for them to talk about what this will do for advertisers, especially with the new Bing merger.

This Week’s Top Stories in Tech, Mobile and Social Media

This Week’s Top Stories in Tech, Mobile and Social MediaMashable threw together a great list of top stories online.  Be sure to check out the Gap logo story, it’s a fascinating look at how social media users convinced the Gap not to change their logo!

How To Use QR Codes In Social Media

How To Use QR Codes In Social MediaQR codes are those neat little square barcodes that can be read by smartphones.  Simply hold your phone over the barcode and the camera reads the code and carries through the action, usually opening a website.  This is a great post about how you can leverage the power of these cool little codes!

More Internet Marketing News

Here are some other bits of news that we thought you my enjoy:

Test Usability By Embracing Other Viewpoints

Bing Sees Big Growth In Paid Search

Humanizing Your Brand Is Inexpensive And Can Pay Off

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 10 12

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