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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 27

Internet Marketing September 27th, 2010



Where did September go?!  Time sure does move fast when you’re keeping busy.  We have certainly been busy over here at TechWyse, as has the rest of the world online.  Here’s a look at what’s been going on in case you missed some of it.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 09 27

Facebook Downtime Explained

Facebook Downtime ExplainedMany of us around the world had a period of fear on Thursday as we all discovered that Facebook was down.  In this post, Facebook Software Engineering Director Robert Johnson explained what happened and what they’ve done to fix it. I find this to be an incredible example of the power of Facebook.  Most of my friends statuses on Twitter were in regards to Facebook being down!

Local SEO Tips For Franchise Operations

Local SEO Tips For Franchise OperationsSearch Engine Land gives us an interesting real life scenario of a local franchise operation who was experiencing a lack of positive search engine ranking.  The key lesson learned here is that sometimes physical location has a lot to do with whether one business will rank better than another.

Happy 12th Birthday Google!

Happy 12th Birthday Google!It’s Google’s 12th birthday today!  Be sure to visit today (as if you weren’t going to anyway!) and check out the logo.  Google’s regular logo has been replaced by an image of a cake created by the American painter Wayne Thiebaud.

Should Mobile Search Behavior Drive Design & SEO?

Should Mobile Search Behavior Drive Design & SEO?It’s no secret that mobile browsing is growing rapidly.  As phone technology continues to grow, so does our desire to answer life’s questions by pulling out the phone to “Google it”.  This is a nice post that examines less of the obvious growth of the technology and focuses more on why we use it.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are some other useful bits of news that we thought you may enjoy:

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 27

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