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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 13

Internet Marketing September 13th, 2010



Can you believe that we’re already half way through September?  With another week having gone by, this seems to be the crunch time for most businesses.  Seasonal clients are either wrapping up or starting their busy season as we transition from summer to fall and the Christmas season is beginning.  No matter which of these scenarios you fit into, chances are this is a key time for you to get those leads and sales flowing.  Here are this week’s helpful hints and exciting news items in the Internet Marketing world to help you along the way.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 09 13

AdWords Rolls Out Campaign Experiments Globally

AdWords Rolls Out Campaign Experiments GloballyAdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) allows you to run tests at the campaign level to determine which keywords, bids, ad groups and placements have the best impact on your business.  After a successful US launch, this is now rolling out across the board.  We’ve been playing with this for quite some time so we’re glad to see this available world wide.

10 iPad Apps for Twitter Power Users

10 iPad Apps for Twitter Power UsersWith over 3 million sold and growing, the iPad is definitely becoming a widely used device for web searchers world wide.  For those of us who spend large amounts of time on Twitter, the website can sometimes come up short for powerful tools.  Well have no fear, 10 powerful iPad Twiter apps are here!  Check them out!

29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

29 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have MissedI love lists of tools like this.  It gives me a nice opportunity to find helpful business tools without having to search for them myself!  These have been tried, tested and hand picked for all of us Social Media marketers out there.

Google Instant and the Power Of Suggestion

Google Instant and the Power Of SuggestionI’ve been trying to find a way to describe the new Google Instant search feature and the best I can come up with is, “Really, really cool.”  Outside of just the cool factor however, lies some potentially gigantic changes to the way search works and the way in which SEO ties into it all.  This is a large post but a must read for anyone even remotely interested in search.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are a few other helpful resources we thought you may enjoy:

A Showcase of Interesting Navigation Designs

Facebook Tests A New Features For Page Exposure

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 09 13

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