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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 07 12

It’s been a busy month here at TechWyse.  We’re working hard building websites, generating traffic and measuring, testing for improvement as usual!  One trend that I have seen a lot of this year is a focus in eCommerce from the online world.  More and more businesses are looking to lower their rent costs and sell products online.  With this in mind, I have included a couple of my favourite eCommerce focused readings this week.  Enjoy!

Internet Marketing News For 2010 07 12

10 Reasons Not To Copy Amazon

Get Elastic wrote a fantastic post about Amazon’s eCommerce approach and why it won’t necessarily work for you.  This particularly spoke to me as this is something we hear all the time.  Many of us have heard of Amazon’s high conversion rates and want to take the ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ approach.  While there is nothing wrong with learning from one of the best, they make some great points about why it’s important to do your own thing.

Google Location Extensions Get A Makeover

Google has introduced a new enhancement to location extensions which lets you show multiple business addresses in a particular area.  Putting focus on Google Local is a good move by Google.  Businesses all over the world are hungry for the benefit of the local results and not without reason.  It’s a fantastic way to increase exposure and lead qualification.

Adobe Flash Going 3D!

That’s right.  Adobe’s product development team has announced that they are working on some sort of 3D Flash technology.  3D developers all over the world are getting very excited for this new release.  What does this mean for the rest of us?  It means that we’ll have even more power to create stunning graphics in flash to grab your visitors attention!

Millenials Won’t Quit Facebook And Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have proven themselves to be far more than just a fad.  They are firmly engrained in our culture and are here to stay.  This blog presents some interesting statistics and examples, taking a look at where we are now, and where we’ll be in 2020.  Why is this helpful?  Because it shows us just how crucial it is to get our businesses engaged in these channels.  Simply put:  if you want to catch a fish, go where the fish are.

More Internet Marketing News

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