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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 31

Internet Marketing May 31st, 2010



For those of you who have been away from your computer and enjoying the sunny weather this past week, here is your internet marketing update for our final week in May.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 05 31

New Google Analytics Book Released

New Google Analytics Book ReleasedA new book by a stellar team is now available for you to take your usage of Google Analytics to the next level. It's called Performance Marketing with Google Analytics, by a strong team of Google experts.  We’re excited about the new book and can assure that we’ll be reading it and applying any new techniques that we discover within it’s pages!

Twitter Reaches 15 Billion Tweets and Counting

Twitter Reaches 15 Billion Tweets and CountingLess than 3 months after passing the 10 billion tweet mark, Twitter has reached its 15 billionth tweet.  As if we needed any more proof that this is no dying fad, Twitter has once again proven that they are growing and growing FAST!

Guiding Website Visitors To Action

Guiding Website Visitors To ActionIn following up to the blog about persuasive content writing, this post talks about the call-to-action and various ways to guide visitors throughout your website.  It all starts with a look at the purpose of each page, examines where to guide visitors next, and presents a few different ways to do this to achieve maximum conversion success.

How We Raised Our Newsletter Click-Through Rate By 23%

How We Raised Our Newsletter Click-Through Rate By 23%We decided that it was important to take our A/B testing ninja skills and apply them to email newsletters using WHICHABAM!.  This post will walk you through a specific example of how we increased the success of our own email newsletters by 23% through A/B testing various layouts and options.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are a few other articles released in the past week or so that we highly recommend you check out.

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 31

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