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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 10

Internet Marketing May 10th, 2010



Has it been a week already?  With spring in full tilt, time is just flying by.  Fortunately, the internet marketing world always is always able to keep up!  Here is a look at what’s been going on this week in the world of Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing News – 2010 05 10

Google Analytics Announces Adwords Enhancements

Google Analytics Announces Adwords EnhancementsJon takes us through the new features that Google has added to their Analytics platform.  These include introduction of the Analytics Application Gallery, new Adwords reports, search funnel reporting and more!  Rest assured that the TechWyse team has already been through these new features in depth and begun to integrate them into our own reporting processes to make sure you get the full benefit of these upgrades!

Using Advanced Segmentation in Google Analytics

Using Advanced Segmentation in Google AnalyticsAdvanced segmentation is a feature in Google Analytics that lets you segment all your data in a profile.  Rifa gave us a nice little lesson on using these tools to quickly compare various levels of data into an easy to read and understand format, without having to crunch your own numbers.  This is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to compare one metric against another such as “How much paid traffic do I get from visitors in Canada?”

Google’s Gets A New Look For Spring

Google’s Gets A New Look For SpringThose of you who use Internet Explorer as your primary browser may have noticed Google toying around with a new look over the last few months.  I’m happy to say that Google has now rolled out this new image across all browsers and in 37 different languages.  The interesting thing is that the results seem to be changing too!  I suspect that the influence of Caffeine may be coming into play in a much bigger way.  I for one love the new look, particularly the new left side-bar options.  As usual, nice work Google!

Examining Your Back links With Yahoo! Site Explorer

Examining Your Back links With Yahoo! Site ExplorerLast week, Yahoo! gave us some insight into their Site Explorer product.  This tool lets you take a look at who has linked to your website and provides some other useful information on how Yahoo! views your site.  While there are many toys available within Site Explorer, the ability to check out your competitors back links may be one of the most useful.  While Yahoo! has done a good job with this so far, Google still wins with Webmaster Tools.

More Internet Marketing News

Here are a few other articles released in the past week or so that we highly recommend you check out.

Apple Developing A Flash Alternative

Yahoo! and Bing Search Alliance Update

Bing Brings Social Experience To Shopping Results

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 05 10

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