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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 04 12

Internet Marketing April 12th, 2010



While many people may have noted the start of yet another baseball season or the Masters tournament for 2010 taking place as big news items of the week, if you are involved in search marketing in Toronto, Canada, all eyes were on the SMX / eMetrics conference that took place Wednesday through Friday. 

If you did manage to go you may have seen several of us (including me) walking around enjoying the show.

Internet Marketing Headlines, April 12, 2010

How Fast Is Does Your Site Load? Site Speed Is Now A Factor In Rankings!

How Fast Is Does Your Site Load? Site Speed Is Now A Factor In Rankings!Google mentioned this a few months ago and now they have confirmed that the speed at which your site loads is now a factor in where your site ranks.  Listing the fact that a fast loading website improves the search experience of the website visitor, Google is recommending that you take the steps necessary to ensure your website is loading as fast as it can.  There are many tweaks you can make to your website to make it load faster.  One of the things you can do immediately is ensure your site is using the latest Google Asynchronous Code if you are using Google Analytics.  We will be posting a full list on our blog later.  TechWyse is also offering site audits to help determine some other ways you can improve the speed of your website.  Contact me for more details!

Notes From Avinash Kaushik’s Keynote & SMX / eMetrics in Toronto

Notes From Avinash Kaushik’s Keynote & SMX / eMetrics in TorontoIf you made it to the SMX & eMetrics conference in Toronto last week then you likely saw Avinash keynote speech early Thursday morning.  If you were not there, not to worry as we provided a nice summary of many of the things discussed including many of the tools that he points to to help improve your own online measurement and exposure.

How To Dominate Search Results By Using Social Media

How To Dominate Search Results By Using Social MediaMany of our clients have been asking us to show them the value of social media sites in the actual search results page.  Yahoo! provides a nice article explaining just this.  Not only are there positive reasons for interacting socially for PR reasons, participating in social networks is an easy way to look after any ‘reputation management’ issues that you may have.

Google Taking Malware Even More Seriously

Google Taking Malware Even More SeriouslyWhile we hope you are not like many site owners you may be able to relate to this subject.  Google has recently announced that they will be taking extra steps to let you know if your site has been infected by potential virus or malware which can infect visitors computers.

More Internet Marketing Headlines

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From all of us at TechWyse we want to make sure that the messages that we send you are helpful.  If we can do anything to make our weekly summary more helpful or if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you!

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 2010 04 12

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