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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 01 04

Internet Marketing January 4th, 2011



I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and we at TechWyse officially welcome you to an exciting 2011!  What things will characterize 2011?  There is no doubt we will see the continued meteoric growth of Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter and integration of business into these tools.  We will also see continued changes at Google by way of improvements in localized search using Google Places and several other interactive initiatives all aimed at making the Google website more ‘sticky’.   Finally, we will certainly see the biggest year ever in Mobile Advertising. 

Overall it is an exciting time for business as we continue to watch the trend of online growth in 2011.

Internet Marketing News 2011 01 04

Mobile Advertising to Reach $1 Billion in 2011

Mobile Advertising to Reach $1 Billion in 2011Internet professionals are predicting that mobile will take over as the number one way to access the internet by 2013.  As a result we are now watching explosive growth of a new advertising medium.  This article gives some wonderful statistics about the growth of mobile.

Social Media Marketing Hottest New Service of 2010

Social Media Marketing Hottest New Service of 2010TechWyse reveals that the fastest growing service in the internet marketing world is our ‘Social Media Angel’ service.  This service builds your company an effective social media brand and communicates valuable business tips and information to your followers.  The service can include all regular status updates and follower building on Facebook and Twitter.  We can also manage YouTube and LinkedIN profiles with our Social Media Angel as your guide.  Click here to learn more about the service.

Consumer Trends to Look for in 2011

Consumer Trends to Look for in 2011While not an exclusive article to internet marketing, this trend article highlights many consumer trends in 2011.  Key highlights are social networks and mobile devices.

4 Predictions In Mobile Web Design in 2011

4 Predictions In Mobile Web Design in 2011While we have been practicing many of these for quite some time.  In short the big 4 predictions are the explosion of mobile web design (did I mention we specialize in this?), continuation of Web 3.0 and simplicity in design, web design replacing print, and the web industry becoming more specialized.

From myself and the entire TechWyse team, I wish you all the best in 2011!  It should be a very exciting year no doubt!

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2011 01 04

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