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This Week In Internet Marketing 11 22 2010

The fourth week of November has arrived and here at our Toronto headquarters we certainly began feeling the winter weather (*brrr*). Brand new announcements from both Google and Facebook will definitely have you busy!  We hope you all enjoy and keep educated!

Internet Marketing News – 2010 11 22 2010

Facebook Launches E-mail Services (

Definitely exciting news being unveiled by Facebook this week about its new messaging system with the world. Although Facebook claims that this new domain is not just about e-mail, it has announced that a big overhaul is coming which will change the way all people online using Facebook will communicate.

Google Hotpot – Local Recommendations From Your Friends

With over 20% of Google searches having local intent, clearly they are pushing in full force to be the leading company that provides helpful local searches. Google Hotpot is a new area of Google which influences search based on your friends and your own reviews. Check out Google Hotpot now and start reviewing all your favourite locations with ease!

Google Launches Interactive Book to Teach Everyone About the Web

Google has just launched a new interactive book which teaches users about all aspects of the Internet (Marketing & Technical). This new technology teaches you how the Internet began, and then dives into cloud computing, web apps, web programming languages, and much more!

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