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This Week In Internet Marketing – 07 19 2010

Internet Marketing July 19th, 2010



It’s been a busy little week for us all in the Internet Marketing industry.  What’s crazy is that businesses are already thinking about the 2010 Christmas season!  Many physical and online shop owners are beefing up their marketing strategies, re-building their websites and adding eCommerce functionality in order to prepare for the online shopping frenzy.  The search engines are helping us all to get ready too.  They are pushing out more and more useful content to make sure that webmasters all over the world are well informed.  Here are some of our favorites…

Internet Marketing News – 07 19 2010

Google Video Blog:  Making Your Videos Searchable

Google Video Blog:  Making Your Videos SearchableGoogle has put a lot of effort into video education this year.  In this post, they talk go over some of the basics to tagging and setting up your videos in order to make them searchable.  I like the simple, easy to follow format that Google has been using in all of their videos.  Keep up the good work G!

How To Raise Your Call-Through Rate Without Reducing Your Click-Through Rate

How To Raise Your Call-Through Rate Without Reducing Your Click-Through RateShould you include your phone number in your PPC ad copy?  This is something we hear all the time: Clients want to see their phone number in their ads.  Unfortunately it’s not that simple.  While it can appear to offer a quicker opportunity to convert, as this post demonstrates it can sometimes have a very negative effect on the entire campaign by lowering click-through rates which in turn lowers your quality score.  Check out the post, it’s a good read.

Will Search Engines Pull From Foursquare?

Will Search Engines Pull From Foursquare?Apparently, Foursquare is in talks with the big boys in the Search Engine market including the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing.  There is not word yet as to how they would integrate Foursquare into their results.  With Google’s recent inclusion of Facebook and Twitter data into their results, my guess is that they would have the best chance of success with it.

Using The Wrong Tracking Code Can Cost You $500k A Year

Using The Wrong Tracking Code Can Cost You $500k A YearFinding an error in an Analytics setup, especially in and ecommerce environment, can be scary.  Especially when that error costs them $150k a month of revenue!  Tom Critchlow has written this fantastic little piece in the Google Analytics blog walking us through how to fix these errors.  Should you read this?  Yes!  Will you need it?  We hope not!

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 07 19 2010

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