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This Week: Google, Twitter, Facebook, and More!

Internet Marketing July 20th, 2021


This Week in Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

If you want to grow your business online, you must stay updated with the latest trends and news.

Here are five of the most recent and important updates from this week of internet marketing we have compiled for you.

Google Launches Free Tools for Travel Marketers

Google is launching free tools designed to assist travel marketers in making better decisions based on search data for destinations and hotels.

Google reports that global searches for “where to travel,” “can I travel,” and “covid travel restrictions” are near all-time highs. To make sure travel businesses and tourism officials get the information they need to recover from this pandemic, Google has created a set of tools that provides insights into real-time travel demands.

Google began testing these tools back in December in the Asia Pacific region and is now launching them in the United States. Travel Insights with Google will include four tools in total.

Read the entire article linked above to learn more about these tools and their impact on the tourism industry.

Twitter Ends Fleets 9 Months After Launch

As of August 3, Fleets will no longer be available on Twitter.

The idea behind Fleets was to indulge more users in its temporary nature and to enable more engagements. Unfortunately, the company never saw any noticeable uptick in new users or increased activity with the feature among existing users.

Unfortunately, the people who used Fleets were users who were already active on Twitter – which wasn’t Twitter’s target market. However, it isn’t a total loss, as Twitter says it will put the lessons it learned towards building a better product. To learn more, read the entire article!

Twitter Test New Layout for Images, Considers Adding Limited Time Tweet Editing

Twitter is testing a new image format, which would take up the whole horizontal space in-stream, eliminating the rounded borders you currently see on your photos.

The new layout stretches the whole width of the feed, which gives it a bit more of a Facebook vibe but looks much better than the current tweet image presentation. Along with this update, Twitter’s also given users some new hope around tweet editing.

Twitter has been talking about the addition of new features to Twitter Blue for some time and is now coming into effect. The feature already enables you to retract your sent tweets within up to 30 seconds of posting. Would editing, within a broader time limit, enhance the option even more?

Learn more from the article linked above!

Messenger Launches ‘Soundmojis’ to Add Another Element to Your Replies

To coincide with World Emoji Day, Messenger announced its launch of ‘soundmojis’, which are emojis that play a short audio clip and provide an enhanced interactive feature to message threads.

This could be an engaging and interesting addition to chat threads, and could potentially end up being a big hit for the app. Facebook says that more than 2.4 billion emojis are sent across various users every day, so leaning into that usage makes sense.

Facebook hasn’t revealed how this new feature can be useful for brands, but we can definitely expect this to potentially boost branding efforts. To learn more about Soundmoji options, read the entire article.

6 Reasons to Use Animation in Content Marketing


Marketing is one of the key elements of most businesses, big or small. It acts as a megaphone for people to be aware of your brand and reach out to you for your services. Now, not all megaphones sound great, but a great thing about a good megaphone is that you can adjust it according to your needs.

Instead of shouting and making too much noise, you can generate appropriate signals and ensure it’s heard only by those who are interested in hearing it – and one of the best ways to create a message that people would love to hear is to make use of animation in your advertising.

Animation has always carried a very special meaning. Almost every one of us is familiar with cartoons from our childhood and so, seeing a familiar style of presentation would be a huge plus for the advertised product or company. In this amazing article written by Erica, you will discover the six valid reasons to use animation in content marketing.

Wrapping up!

This week’s roundup had some important updates in internet marketing, starting with Google launching free tools to help travel marketers. Then we moved on to see that Twitter is shutting down Fleets as it did not serve any of its targets.

Next, we saw Twitter testing a new layout for images along with the addition of a limited time tweet editor. Then we looked at Facebook’s introduction of ‘soundmojis’ and how they can add value to conversations on the app. Finally, we saw six reasons to adapt animation into content marketing.

We will be back next week with more updates for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing. In the meantime, check out our available blogs on internet marketing!

Post By Faiz Varghese (80 Posts)

Faiz Varghese is a social media marketer at TechWyse who is a knowledge craving techy. He loves to write quality content on the internet and has a passion for his job.

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Faiz Varghese is a social media marketer at TechWyse who is a knowledge craving techy. He loves to write quality content on the internet and has a passion for his job.
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This Week: Google, Twitter, Facebook, and More!

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