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This Week: Google Image Search, Creating Influencer Content, and Conversion Rate Optimization

Happy Tuesday!

This week we’re covering ways to determine the effectiveness of your social media presence and beautiful Instagram themes you can use to make your feed desireable. We also discuss why you need conversion rate optimization, tactics to use to take advantage of Google Image Search and how to create influencer content.

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Google Image Search

Every business wants to be top ranking, and Google Images provides a unique and creative way to do just that. Brad Smith lists three ways to utilize the second biggest search property in the world to drive traffic, build links, and brand awareness.

First, reverse image search your competitors to find new guest posting sites to target. To do this, find a website that your competition is guest posting. Save their image and head to Google Images and upload the photo to search. What you’ll end up with is a master list of where your competitor is guest blogging and what they are writing about. Now, all you need to do is contact these very same sites and apply to guest post, and deliver better content to drive traffic back to your channels.

Next, turn blog content into a SlideShare presentation. These presentations are image heavy and pack tons of metadata so you can quickly rank their images on Google for your target keywords.

Lastly, reverse image search your original images to discover pages that could potentially be taking your original content without credit. This could be costing you important backlinks so make sure you claim them!

5 Ways to Know if Your Social Media Presence is Working

It can feel a little daunting sometimes to run multiple channels on social media and many times you may find yourself questioning is it even worth your time and effort. Before you start any social media engagement, you should know with whom you are ‘engaging.’ In simple words, know who are your potential clients/prospects, stakeholder etc. Follow them on various social media platforms and connect with them by liking their posts or blogs.

Once you have grabbed their attention, start communicating with them. Each post that you create for your business should communicate your business message effectively. People need to be aware of what you do. As much as social media is about visualization, it is also about content.

After a while, you will want to know how well your social media presence is working. You can evaluate your presence by the liking of your posts, retweeting your tweets, inquiring about your business through your website, and lastly when they are marketing your business for you (word of mouth).

Social media can be a complete game changer for a business once you take it seriously.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Why You Need It

Conversion rate optimization is a process that creates an experience for your site visitors, turning them from a visitor into a customer. It involves time spent studying your target audience and their behaviour to make the most of site traffic. Haley Carpenter covers three common pushbacks to CRO and why it should be a part of your digital marketing plan.

Many people aren’t aware of or lack familiarity with CRO and so don’t consider it. CRO is about helping to turn more of your traffic into conversions. At a basic level, if you want performance improvements, then CRO should be something to look into. Another common pushback is that small changes to a landing page or website won’t produce impactful results. In reality, CRO involves a lot of time spent studying target audiences and behaviour, and this leads to a visitor making an informed decision.

CRO can provide useful insights and valuable information about your target audience and their behaviours.

Bottom line, know what is CRO and measure your CRO. If you find out your website has low traffic then figure out what you have been doing wrong and correct it.

No Celebrities Required: How to Create Great Influencer Content

Content Marketing Institute shares several tips to create a great piece of influencer content without a celebrity face attached to your brand.

Do the preliminary work: Determine your goals for the content and how will it be evaluated?

Build a timeline: Create a calendar to keep track of tasks, deadlines, etc.

Select influencers: Choose an influencer that will provide value to your audience and ensure they are a right fit.

Invite influencers: Provide reasons as to why influencers should get involved.

Get what you need from influencers:
Determine how you’ll get content for the influencer and be specific in what you ask of them.

Provide assets to make amplification easier: Do all you can to ensure that an influencer follows through. Provide them with all the necessary tools to distribute and share your content.

Measuring results: Use trackable URLs to determine what is driving traffic, what platform is performing over another, etc.

With a robust plan and program in place, influencer marketing can become a critical part of your marketing mix.

12 Stunning Instagram Themes (& How to Borrow Them for Your Own Feed)

These days, a person’s first contact with a brand is through Instagram. With 30% of users having purchased a product they discovered on the platform, spending time on creating an attractive feed is worth the effort! Instagram is a visual platform and so creating a visually stunning theme to your posts and themes can help to create engaging content that will entice a user to follow your business, or browse your posts.

Depending on your brand you can pick a theme that is most appropriate. The theme can range from black and white theme that evokes a sense of sophistication to a colourful theme, which evokes fun and playfulness. In this article, Caroline Forsey outlines twelve different Instagram themes that will inspire your creativity and help you land a great first impression with your audience. Click here to view the full list.


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