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This Week: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and More!

This Week In Internet Marketing

Social media is one of the best places for effective interaction with vast audiences, as well as an efficient way to grow brand awareness. With regular updates and the easy functionality, social media platforms have gradually made their way into our lives; Twitter is even celebrating 15 years of its first tweet!

On that note, it’s Tuesday again and time for our weekly round-up.

Much happened in the past week of digital marketing, particularly with updates rolling out from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Updating Business profiles on Google My Business has also become much more manageable.

Want to know how? Read on!

Facebook Adds 3 New Ways to Make Money With Video Content

The past year has seen a steady rise in content creators, from independent video creators to businesses of all sizes building active communities on Facebook and earning revenue from their video content.

So, as a reaction to this, Facebook is launching more ways content creators can monetize their content by updating the guidelines for pages to make more revenue from videos!

Have a peek at the latest updates from Facebook:

This update is a great boost for businesses and content creators looking to thrive on Facebook!

Pinterest Shares New Insights into Emerging Travel Trends and Interest Ramps Up Among Pinners

According to Pinterest’s latest report, travel searches on the platform are reportedly increasing now more than ever before! With the travel industry set to re-emerge in 2021, this is a productive opportunity for marketers to reach out to travelers via Pinterest.

Pinterest has classified this new travel-ready audience into eight categories: Rural Tourists; Outdoor Junkies; Digital Nomads; Bucket Listers; Foodie Travelers; Culture Chasers; Weekend Travelers; and Memory Makers.

The platform has also provided precise details about a few personas: for example, while rural tourists are on the quest for the countryside and lake houses, outdoor junkies pine for hiking and surfing adventures. Likewise, digital nomads like to blend their work-life with travel.

Travel marketers can employ this data for exciting new trip ideas, developing their marketing efforts, and boosting engagement

Wix Can Now Integrate With Google My Business

Wix has always provided marketing tools that support small businesses. Soon it will be easier for business owners to manage their businesses from one place as the leading global platform is expanding its partnership with Google.

Wix has announced its integration directly with Google My Business (GMB). With Google Search Console, Google Workspaces, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Reserve with Google previously built-into Wix, this new integration will provide the necessary tools to support business owners in engaging new and existing customers online.

With the Wix platform, users can instantly update their business information and hours, which will more likely draw location visits. They can also add photos and attributes, share QA, accept a booking, and access insights and data without swapping between different platforms.

Now business owners can manage their Google My Business profiles seamlessly and efficiently!

Twitter Is Getting New Features for Searching Messages, Improvements in Photos and Videos

Twitter is getting new features, testing changes, and working on methods to address users’ most popular complaints as it honors 15 years since the first tweet.

Reportedly, Twitter will be including an option for 4K image uploads and displaying full-size images in timelines. They are also updating the photo publishing process, which has consistently faced disappointment from users regarding how images are cropped and compressed when uploaded.

Twitter is also increasing search capacity to include links or media files from message threads in its direct messaging feature. Further improvements are being made to its content posting platform, Twitter Fleets, such as being able to  turn off or block DMs or unwanted notifications.

Stay tuned for many more updates this year, especially since Twitter engagement can be a vital piece of your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media for Lawyers: Why (and How) to Make It Work

Social media can be the perfect place for advertising your services and making yourself available to the public, even if you are a lawyer. This TechWyse blog tells you exactly why you should make your presence known on social media platforms, including the following:

Building a social media strategy is an intelligent way to make a law firm’s presence known more broadly. Read the blog linked above to discover why you should get your law firm on social media today!

Let’s Wrap Up:

On social media, the possibilities are limitless!

This week we saw that from Facebook, as they are working out more ways to monetize videos, unlocking further possibilities for content creators and small businesses. In addition, Pinterest’s new insights into emerging travel trends have unfolded some new opportunities for travel marketers. While celebrating 15 years of its first tweet, Twitter has developed new features for a seamless user experience that can grow businesses’ marketing strategy. We then saw how Wix integration could allow users to claim and update Business Profiles on Google right on the website building platform. Lastly, we discovered how creating a social media strategy for your law firm can ensure its success.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing.

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