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The Three Inbound Marketing Steps to Make Sure Your Strategy Works

Internet Marketing May 14th, 2012


There are three main steps to ensure your inbound marketing strategy is successful.  Before you start looking for a company to deal with these issues for, you should find out what inbound marketing actually is and how it can help you and your business.  So, before we actually look at these steps, let’s look at what inbounding marketing is and how it will help you.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is known as pull marketing, as opposed to push marketing.  Pull marketing means that you find prospective clients online by making sure the content of your website is optimised with using the right keywords in the right places.  Understanding keywords is very important and can be hard to get to grips with.  Basically, you need to go into the mind of your prospective customer and think about the words they would use to find a company like yours.  If you build a website and it isn’t generating daily leads, you will miss out on a huge amount of business.  After all, unless people are coming to your website, you won’t generate any money.

The Three Steps

The first step of inbound marketing is to make sure that traffic to your website is increased.  This is achieved by looking at the content you are offering and thinking of ways to make this better.  This is known as optimising.  Besides optimising what is already there, inbound marketing also looks at creating new content to attract potential clients.

Step two is about being able to convert this traffic into leads.  This is done by human interaction and virtual interaction.  A call to action will be accomplished by making offers that a customer can’t refuse.  Once a lead has been generated, they need to be nurtured, so that they turn into returning customers.

Step three is analysing your strategy.  You need to think long and hard about what is and isn’t working.  Monitor your competition and find out what they are doing that you are not.  One other very important part in include in your strategy is social media.  The opportunities for interaction you get with your customers by using websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are tremendous and should never be forgotten.

How to Find an Inbound Marketing Company

If you are looking for a good inbound marketing company, you need to take the time to compare different ones.  One thing that will tell you whether or not a company is any good is by checking the results they have had with previous clients.  A company should also be able to offer you all the necessary services, conveniently placed into a single package.  It is always advised to request at least three different quotations.  This will allow you to best compare the different packages that are on offer and how they can work for you.  Don’t be tempted to just go for the cheapest offer, what you are looking for is the best value for money.  Nothing in life is free, unfortunately, but going for the cheapest option can mean that you also get the worst service and thereby don’t generate any leads.  Hence, regardless of how little money you have spent, it is still fully wasted.

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The Three Inbound Marketing Steps to Make Sure Your Strategy Works

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