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The Best Instagram Tools To Use For Your E-commerce Brand

Instagram is an e-commerce brand’s best friend. It’s a visual-centric platform that provides an array of shopping features for online businesses, and not to mention one of the biggest and fastest-growing social media networks out there.

As if Instagram wasn’t already an e-commerce marketing behemoth, there is a staggering variety of tools available to help you get the most value out of it in 2019. Read on for a selection of the best Instagram tools you can use to take your e-commerce brand to dizzying new heights.


Price: $49 – $199

Free trial: 14 days

Competitions, contests, and giveaways are ambrosia for Instagram marketers. They can up your follower count, boost engagement and sales your existing followers, increase your email subscriber list… The possibilities are virtually endless.

But organizing and managing such opportunities can be time-consuming — unless you use Wishpond.

Wishpond’s Instagram Hashtag Contest App makes it easy to create, launch, and manage hashtag photo contests. Simply create a branded hashtag for your competition, and Wishpond will track and collate every post tagged with it.

The tool also lets you assign set rules and parameters to your competition. For example, you could make it a competition requirement to include your account handle, or to tag three other people in it.

Finally, Wishpond’s built-in analytics interface lets you track your competition’s performance in real-time. Monitor follower count increases or track engagement to see how successful your contests are, and use it to make your next one even better.


Price: $33 – $67

Free trial: 14 days

Instagram’s built-in business analytics are strong. Users can view impressions, reach, engagement, follower demographics, and so on. There’s plenty of features included in Instagram Insights to keep small e-commerce stores going.

But for those online businesses seeking dizzy new heights, it’s worth checking out Iconosquare.

Iconosquare provides a comprehensive breakdown of your Instagram data, from follower growth to post performance in real-time. It offers much of the same metrics that Instagram Insights does, and then some.

As well as the standard features, Iconosquare also lets users search by custom time periods. This is great for tracking individual campaigns, either in real-time or retrospectively. Further to this, the tool also provides in-depth analysis of follower growth/decline over time, letting you drill down into this data to see who followed (or unfollowed) you.

Finally, Iconosquare provides a daily email report to give you an oversight of your Instagram performance. And with a competitive pricing system, Iconosquare is perfect for businesses wishing to scale up.

Not convinced? Iconosquare was instrumental in helping activewear brand Gymshark track its Instagram campaigns. Its in-depth content and metrics analysis helped the brand create focused marketing strategies that grew its followers by more than 50%.

Image from Iconosquare

With brands such as Gymshark, lifestyle biz KICKER, and digital marketing agency under its belt, Iconosquare is a reputable tool that’s well worth considering in 2019.


Price: Not provided

Free trial: 21 days

User-generated content and Instagram are a partnership made in heaven. The social platform is a mecca for brands wishing to capitalize on readily-available UGC, and Taggd makes is that bit easier.

Taggd first collates Insta photos tagged with a hashtag of your stipulation (branded or unbranded). It then lets you show the selected images on specific product pages, right alongside your own product photos.

Alternatively, brands can use Taggd to source original photos for paid social ads (with customer permission). This saves you time and money sourcing high-quality imagery, letting you focus on creating ads that convert.

E-commerce brands can use Taggd to show real customers using products in real situations, providing a social proof hit to convince prospective shoppers to buy too. And because it integrates with most major e-commerce builders and the best content management systems, Taggd is a viable option for virtually any online business.

While Taggd have not provided pricing for its product, its Lite plan promises to provide price plans “tailored to you”. Medium-to-large businesses can enjoy all the benefits of the Lite plan, plus influencer tracking, automated product matching, better support, and more.


Price: Free – $49

Free trial: n/a

A solid editorial calendar is a cornerstone of a successful Instagram strategy. While it’s important that your posts look great by themselves, don’t forget that the way your account looks in gridview is just as significant.

Equally, you want to be able to plan and schedule your Instagram content ahead of time. Time is precious for e-commerce brands, and automating your Insta calendar in one go frees you up for running other aspects of your business.

Later is the all-in-one tool that does all this, and more. Its visual content calendar is easy to use for even the most novice e-commerce entrepreneur, and Later’s simple drag-and-drop interface helps you visualize exactly how your feed will look.

Image from Later

Instagram has traditionally been averse to effective content scheduling tools, but Later provides a smooth scheduling process that is quick to organize and simple to use. And when it’s free to use in its most basic plan, there’s really no reason not to try it.


Price: Free – $49+

Free trial: n/a

Macro influencers are dead. Long live micro influencers!

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true. But micro influencers are a valuable asset for e-commerce brands in 2019. Despite commanding fewer followers than their macro counterparts (between 2K and 10K), micro influencers deliver much higher engagement.

Micro influencers are effective and affordable, especially on Instagram, and with SocialRank, they’re super easy to find too.

The follower analytics tool lets you scrutinize your Insta fans in depth, so you can spot brand advocates and micro influencers to collaborate with. Either search by keyword (e.g. “foodie”) and segment profiles that way, or sort by follower count to find your most influential fans.

SocialRank is intuitive, easy to use, and offers a range of exporting options to let you accurately visualize the lay of the Instagram land. Its Basic plan is free, so you can give it a try before committing to its $49 Premium plan — nice.

Instagram should be the cornerstone of your e-commerce social media marketing strategy. But while it offers brands a variety of benefits out of the box, it’s worth investing in one or more of the tools above. It’ll take your Insta strategy to the next level, helping grow your online store well into 2019.

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