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Sell Your Products With Google’s Product Listing Ads

A year ago Google launched a beta of Product Listing Ads. The idea behind Product Listing Ads was to create a way to introduce a company’s entire product inventory to a potential customer while providing quality, relevant results. Throughout the beta testing over the past year, Google has been impressed with the results. Out of the hundreds of millions of promoted products, Google found that people are twice as likely to click on a Product Listing Ad compared to standard text ads in the same location.

Google Product Listing Ads

Google has now officially launched their Product Listing Ads and over the next week US advertisers can begin using the system.

With Product Ads, which is a part of AdWords Product Ads, you can offer users a glimpse of your products before they even reach your site, ultimately leading to more clicks, better quality leads, and an overall strengthened ROI for your search ads.

Above is an example of standalone Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads is very similar to Google’s Product Extensions, which lets you create keyword-targeted ads with the ability to add pictures and pricing to relevant products. The Product Listing Ads system differs in a major way, however, as Product Listing Ads don’t require any ad text or keywords. Whenever a user search matches an item in your Merchant Center account, Product Listing Ads are automatically triggered, making it easier to display relevant ads for your entire product inventory.

If you’re interested in learning more about Product Ads and how to get started with Product Extensions and Listings, you can check out Google’s help center or watch the video below.

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