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Search Engine Market Share May 2010

Understand Search Market Share, Understand Your Market!

For those of you that are interested in why we publish a search engine market share update each and every month it is because business needs to understand what search engine source the market is focusing on.  If Bing for example, is growing in popularity at a faster rate then chances are that PPC can be utilized at a cheaper rate than when the rest of the world begins to catch up to the latest trends.

On that note when at SES Toronto last week we were interested to find out that Bing is actually the second most used search engine in Canada. (above Yahoo!)  On that note we would also like to wish Bing a happy first birthday!

Google Market Share Falls in May 2010

Search engine leader, Google made its biggest fall in May 2010 according to Hitslink.  Despite this the search engine still maintains a stranglehold on search engine market share at 84.80%.  We will see if recently launched, Caffeine can continue this trend.

Yahoo! Market Share Makes Rare Improvement In May 2010

Yahoo! improved its own market share back to December 2009 levels as they went from an all time low of 5.30% to 6.19% in May.  Perhaps having something to do with the positive news stemming from the partnership with Microsoft?  Time will only tell.

Bing Improves Market Share in May 2010 On The Eve Of Their Birthday

Bing opened back in June 2009 with a market share of 2.96%.  While we really have enjoyed the overall usability and effort put into improvements of the engine, I am certain that Microsoft had higher hopes than a .28% improvement to 3.24% in one year.  They continue to market and we do see them at trade shows so let’s see how they grow!

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