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Search Engine Market Share March 2014

Internet Marketing April 2nd, 2014



Lots Of Google Search Activity: Likely Manual Vs. Algorithmic

Google’s market share continues to fluctuate around the 70% mark as they continue to tweak and refine their algorithms and penalties. In fact there has been a lot of activity lately and many suspected a secret update but experts say it is more likely related to the plethora of manual and algorithmic penalties that have been going around.

Yelp Results Now In Yahoo’s Local Search Results

Yahoo! has rebounded from a small dip in popularity following the holiday season but their big news for the month is the addition of Yelp rich reviews in local search results. These reviews include ratings, photos, and business information.

Bing Snapshots Adds Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and Real Estate Properties

Bing continues its slow increase in market share over the last few months will steady improvements to its search results. Over the past week, Bing has added over 150 million new entities to their Snapshot engine. This update includes doctors, lawyers, dentists, and real estate properties. When users search for medical professional they will find Snapshot results featuring specialities, experience, education, address, and phone number.

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Search Engine Market Share March 2014

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