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Search Engine Market Share March 2009

Internet Marketing April 8th, 2009



This Search Engine Market share for March 2009 is interesting.  The only search engines to gather more momentum were LIVE and ASK.  All of the others continued the usual downward trend except for Google who made their very first down month in quite some time. 

Microsoft’s “Live” Has Biggest Market Share Growth In March 2009

Search Engine Market Share March 2009

Microsoft Live Continues Improvement in March

How big will ‘Live’ get?  Well since February 2007 the market share has gone from 1.44% to 2.08%.  Not really a huge jump but the rise has been about as continuous as the drop we have watched with Yahoo! during the same period.  The growth from February to March is one of the biggest jumps they have had to date. 

Google Takes a Slight Decline in March

Even the big ones have bad months.  Well let’s face it, when you own 80+% of the market it really isn’t ever a bad month!  Still, we did see a decline for the first time in a long time.  Is there a ceiling for the market share that Google can hold?

Market Share Summary

  • #1 Google – 81.39% of market share. Down from 81.57% in February 2009 and up from 74.54% from March 2007.
  • #2 Yahoo – 9.93% of market share. Down from 10.07% in February 2009 and down from 13.37% in March 2007.  The spiral continues.
  • #3 Microsoft (Bing and Live combined) 5% of market share. Up from 4.71% in February 2009 and down from 6.72% in March 2007.  But slowly climbing back up!

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Search Engine Market Share March 2009

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