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Search Engine Market Share July 2010

Internet Marketing August 12th, 2010


A Slight Dip for Google’s Competition

Google managed to make a slight gain in July, but still dropped from last quarter results. Yahoo! had one of its largest dips this year. Bing also dropped slightly this month. Although Baidu was the only other gainer this month, they have 1/3rd of the market share that they had just one year ago.

Google Holding Down The Fort

Google is slowly on the upswing since its low of 84.80% in May 2010, with an 84.97% market share.  Google has reached over 6.5% higher in exposure since just one year ago. With Google's ongoing business acquisitions and constant useful applications inside the Google website, they are going no where but up!

Yahoo! Q3 Results Begin Poorly

Just as Yahoo! was gaining momentum, they broke below 6% again with similar results to March & April. After gaining to 6.24%, the momentum was there, but recent news including Yahoo! Japan to start using the Google Engine – definitely hurt there chances to keep their upswing.

Baidu Momentum is Improving

With all major search engines taking a drop except Google, clearly visitors are going to other sources like Baidu. Baidu also has reported they had 254,000 active online marketing customers in the second quarter of 2010, representing a 25.1% increase from the corresponding period in 2009. This is great news for Baidu as they have a huge decrease in traffic as compared to last year, yet they are still profiting very nicely. Source: Hitslink

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Search Engine Market Share July 2010

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