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Search Engine Market Share July 2009

Internet Marketing August 4th, 2009


‘Baidu’ Makes an Appearance in Market Share While Bing all but disappears in July

A few new developments have been added to the July 2009 Search Engine Market Share blog.

  • Baidu has been added as an official engine within our report.  This is the official search engine for most of China.  Baidu currently holds 61.6% of the market share in China as of June 2009.  It has also grown in market share to the point that it actually has the most searches conducted on it then any other search engine not named Google.  Hence, the site we extract much of our statistical data from ‘Market Share’ has deemed it a relevant enough search engine to place in the market share reports.
  • We will for the next few months list all Microsoft branded search engine traffic under Microsoft.  This will include Bing.  We are doing this because Live is now forwarding to Bing is still registering a small segment of traffic as well.
  • Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a formal partnership in both organic and paid search last month. We will continue to show Yahoo! as separate from Microsoft as they are still operating as separate entities.

Bing Hardly Makes A Dent In 2nd Month of Operation

There are 3 key findings with this months market share report.

  • All the buzz created from Bing as I had earlier reported did not translate into any type of increase in market share in the month of July 2009.  Bing may be helping improve Microsoft by approximately .09%-.12% but that is about it.  For all the hype, this has to be somewhat disappointing to Microsoft.
  • The purchase of Yahoo! Organic Search by Microsoft will make it the unquestioned #2 in market share.  They 2 search engines however, are still separate entities and will be reported separately for now.
  • Baidu has almost tripled in popularity in the last year.  While almost all of this search traffic is from Chinese searchers, the market is big enough now that it is the 2nd biggest search market amongst search engines.


Google Continues To Dominate But Sees Another Market Share Decline

Interesting update for our fellow SEOs in Toronto: Since November 2008, Google has lost 4.15% of their market share.  Statistics seem to show that the only real movers during this time have been Baidu and the small search engines that are marked under the ‘Other’ category.  Microsoft has also shown a small improvement.

Yahoo! Sees a Market Share Improvement for First Time in Over a Year!

Albeit small, Yahoo! seemed to hold its own for the first time in July 2009.  After a continuous tumble in market share, Yahoo! went from a 7.15% share to 7.16%.  The search engine is down from 9.69% in July 2008.

Bing Not Making Any Bonging Noises

Microsoft has to be disappointed.   We saw bus advertisements, we watched television ads, we see Bing everywhere on Microsoft sites.  Yet the overall improvement of search engine market share is negligible.  Did Microsoft expect to compete with Google straight away?  Probably not.  But were they hoping the buzz would elevate them to a noticeable difference (perhaps as much as Yahoo!) – I think so.  Overall, Microsoft search market generated a share of about 3.26% in July 2009.  Now consider that in May 2009 the total market share was only 3.10% and you get an idea of the small impact that Bing made.  Much like a movie that flops in opening weekend, Microsoft search was down from its previous month.

Market Share Summary – July 2009

#1 Google – 78.45% of market share in July 2009. Down from 78.60% in June 2009 and down from 80.08% in July 2008.

#2 Baidu – 8.87% of market share in July 2009. Up from 8.77% in June 2009 and up from 3.89% of market share in July 2008.

#3 Yahoo! – 7.16% of market share in July 2009. Up from 7.15% in June 2009 and down from 9.69% in July 2008.

#4 Microsoft & Bing – 3.26% of market share in July 2009.  Down from 3.32% in June 2009 and down from 3.56% in July 2008.

Post By DJ (154 Posts)

DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.
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Search Engine Market Share July 2009

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