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Search Engine Market Share January 2016

Internet Marketing February 9th, 2016


Search Engine Market Share

The first month of 2016 has passed. Bing and Yahoo have both experienced an increase in their search engine market share from last month and compared to last year as well. However, search engine giant, Google, dropped by 0.62% from 66.04% to 65.44%. Compared to 2015, Google’s market share has increased. Bing and Yahoo are both taking big steps to create a better search experience for their users. With their constant changes and updates, their search engine market share may continue to increase. Source: Net Market Share


Bing Continuous Delivery – from the white board to millions of users – in hours!

Bing is making big moves to improve search experience for their users. In January, Bing’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Jan Pederson, announced that Bing updates their search engine multiple times per day. By improving their innovation rate, Bing is hoping to provide the user with fresh and relevant features. To  compete with Google, Bing will be constantly testing, updating, improving, and evolving their system.

Yahoo Revamps Its Homepage And App To Offer A More Social Experience Around The News

Yahoo too is making adjustments with their search results to ensure they are providing the best user experience for their searchers. Near the end of January, Yahoo released a major update. Their homepage and mobile application has been revamped to provide a more personalized experience for their users. The homepage provides content that is most relevant to the user. In fact, breaking news can be followed in real time.

Google Tests “What’s Hot” & “What’s Nearby” As Android Search Options

Google recognizes the importance of mobile marketing and local searches. Google is constantly experimenting on new functionalities to provide better results for searchers. Searchers noticed the ability to find “What’s Hot” and “What’s Nearby” as Android search options on their mobile devices. Mobile usage continues to rise and these new features can be a good test to increase Google’s mobile users.

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Search Engine Market Share January 2016

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