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Search Engine Market Share January 2013

Internet Marketing February 5th, 2013



The Shift in Market Share From 2012 to 2013

Over the past year many changes have occurred with the four search engine giants. Google remains to dominate the market but has only made a slight increase in shares. Yahoo!’s changes have been gaining recognition in market share. Bing makes a slightly greater gain than Google in the past 12 months. While Baidu makes the most dramatic drop over the year. Statistic provided by Net Market Share.

Google is Put to the Test

Even though Google is looking up in market share from last January, their dominance continues to fluctuate in accordance to its innovative competition. Brace yourself for Google to release something cutting edge soon.

Yahoo! Down From December

Yahoo!’s growth over the past 6 months has been impressive to track. Beating its estimated revenue in the past quarter, expect to see Yahoo! owning above 8% of the market share in February.

Bing Hopes Gain From Facebook Partnership

Since Bing’s alliance with Facebook in April 2012, its shares haven’t seen a great deal of improvement. However, Facebook’s recent Graph Search release, powered by Bing is expected to incorporate more of the search engine’s advertising.

Baidu Down Across the Board

The Chinese search engine, Bing has been on a significant decline over the past year. With considerable slowdowns in revenue growth it’s no shock their market share has also taken a hit.

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Search Engine Market Share January 2013

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