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Search Engine Market Share January 2010

The Rich Keep Getting Richer

Google welcomed us all to a new decade by posting their best market share results since we began reporting the search engine market share results many years ago.

Google Claims Another Big Chunk Of Market Share

Google seems to be doing everything right these days.  Perhaps there latest focus on mobile is an indicator of continued supremacy in the search engine market share battle.  Nevertheless, at 85.80% of all searches done online worldwide, Google continues to squeeze the throats of both Bing and Yahoo! who are becoming more irrelevant with each month that passes.  Google has not gained more than 5% market share in the last 2 years.

Yahoo! Continues Downward Trend in Search Market Share

Still a distant number 2 in the search engine market share battle, Yahoo! continued the downward trend in search.  Our own Mr. Hogan wrote a nice piece this past week explaining some possible causes for this trend.  In February 2007 Yahoo! had a market share of about 10.46%, now this number is down to 6.15%.  Amidst this continued slide, Bing has partnered with Yahoo!.  Time will tell to see whether the market share will continue turnaround or whether the takeover continues to look less relevant.

Despite Plenty of Traditional Media Advertising Bing Still Not Performing

We have been very excited about the renewed attention that Microsoft has been placing on its search engine.  There has been a lot of traditional advertising about the ‘Decision Engine’ and we have also seen some wonderful features, many highlighted on the Bing blog.  Unfortunately this is not resulting in improved market share. Media giant Rupert Murdoch has attempted to chip away at market share by disabling content from Google itself.  The method seems old school by way of thinking though and we don’t see this having any real positive impact for Bing.




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