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Search Engine Market Share December 2013

Internet Marketing January 15th, 2014


Search Engine Market Share

Google continues to lose market share throughout the month of December as major competitors Yahoo! and Bing reclaim more of the market. These top search engines continue to steal shares from smaller search engines, dominating the market with an annual high of 98.93%. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Google Revives Page Rank

Dropping almost 3% from last month, Google’s trend of slow decline continues throughout the second half of 2013 falling below 70% for the first time in over a year. December saw the sudden re-emergence of Page Rank as updates are seen across the board for the first time in 10 months. Google Authorship also experiences some changes as Google adjusts it’s power in relation to search results.

Yahoo Hosts Malicious Ads

Yahoo’s market share continues to fluctuate throughout the second half of 2013 and, despite recent growth, has not managed to recover the levels achieved over the summer. After a slump in October and November, Yahoo has returned to early autumn market saturation levels. European users were shocked early this month to find their computers co-opted by unscrupulous Bitcoin traders as malicious ads on Yahoo! turn as many as two million computers into Bitcoin-mining slaves. Only time will tell how this breach will affect their market share going forward.

Bing Challenges Street View

Experiencing continuous and small fluctuations in popularity, Bing continues it’s focus on mobile accessibility with updates for apps being rolled out across all devices. Bing Maps is also experiencing updates at Microsoft continues to strive to erode Google’s vast empire. Seeking to improve upon Google’s Street View, Bing’s Street Side provides a larger map in order to make navigation easier.

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Search Engine Market Share December 2013

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