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RSS Really So Simple Ways For Internet Marketing To Benefit From It

Internet Marketing October 24th, 2007


Stretch out acronym RSS and like the windbag of an accordion it unfolds into Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS may not be the centripetal force of the Internet Marketing rage but you very well can’t do without it.

With 7.3 billion pages added to World Wide Web everyday. It will do you world of good to seek out how to use RSS technology. Placing information from your favorite sources on the web at your finger tips.

As the world web explodes, so is our need for tools to reduce the difficulties that sheer size of the net poses us. RSS helps you to organize the ocean of data, displaying it in links for quick access or you can choose to overindulge yourself with full length article, media files etc.

It’s so convenient it gets delivered to your mail inbox, or to a dedicated program on your machine like NetNewsWire. But the most popular of the lot is http://www.bloglines.com, which works very much like your web based email. Once you get online the program begins to collect information called feeds from blogs and websites to which you have subscribed.

I turned to RSS because I want to catch the latest news headline or see the sports results, update myself on the latest music releases. I would either type in the address of the website or choose the link from my bookmarks on the internet browser.

Now I don’t take the long circuitous route to get to where I want to. It all gets delivered to me in one convenient place.

So much for the introduction.

RSS apart from convenience can also be a shot in the arm for your SEO effort.

The US Patent Number # 20050071741 also know as the Google patent states that documents for which there is an increase in the rate of change might be scored higher than those documents for which there is a steady rate of change, even if that rate of change is relatively high.

Strip it of all tech talk, and It simply means you need to keep updating your content not just at a steady pace but keep doing it at a faster rate to cling on to your search engine ranking.

A site updated regularly is never going to miss attention from search engine spiders. They just love fresh content. Website with old content can loose its appeal very quickly. Spiders are content hungry, doll up your website regularly with clean and relevant text and you’ll have the Search engine bots swooning all over again.

There is one lacuna though, we all know fresh content is not easy to come by and it’s expensive.

Enter RSS!

It can help you achieve keywords density by subscribing for feeds which are rich in keywords that you are interested in. A keyword targeted feed on your website will add to the user experience and you have a regular fast and fresh supply of relevant content.

Feeds exist for every topic under and above the sun. Newsfeed related to Internet Marketing industry are the Rx (Prescription). News feed are updated regularly and since it’s perfectly ok to syndicate the feeds, why not leverage it for you optimization effort.

Blogs have these days become staple marketing mix in Search Engine Optimization Effort. Providing RSS feed from your blog makes it easier for your subscriber to become knowledgeable about the latest content updates. Imagine if you are an e-commerce website.


Does it ring a bell? In no time your customers and subscriber will know the new products available. They can narrow in on the product that interests them and click the links to read more about it from your website.


  • More diverse traffic source and unique traffic.
  • More referrals through links
  • Your website vital statistics remain appealing. Lowers your bounce rate. Since the visitors arrived already primed for what they need.
  • Most major RSS search engine are in beta or testing phase and RSS technology is not yet mainstream. It’ll give you the advantage of head start.
  • In tango with Google and others you can place a RSS subscription button on your blog. Once clicked it’ll give your visitors the option to add you on their igoogle, Windows Live or Yahoo One Search homepage.
  • Most importantly you can personalize. RSS feeds can be categorized on the basis of the topics available on your blog. With separate RSS feed for each category. For ex. You are a search engine marketing company, a visitors chooses to read on Web Analytics and decides he wants all the new content on that topic delivered to him. By clicking on the appropriate RSS subscription button he gets only new post on Web Analytics and not on PPC or SEO.
  • Advanced personalization might deliver personalized content, product recommendations and so on
  • If you want to use RSS to its full potential, then I would recommend that you create multiple RSS feeds for your users. For ex give your visitor option to subscribe only for forum updates rather then having only one feed that delivers everything he may not need.

Now that I have got you excited and raring to go, there are some don’ts if you need RSS to benefit you. DON’T USE JAVASCRIPT to implement RSS. They are common and easily implementable, but Javascript will not be indexed by search engines. The best method to implement RSS is php or html.

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RSS Really So Simple Ways For Internet Marketing To Benefit From It

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