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Promoting your Non – Profit Online

Internet Marketing October 10th, 2013


Marketing your charity online comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Most not for profit businesses that go online are able to leverage the passion of its volunteers and staff members, the empathy of its target audience and the organic content that is generated through its work.

On the downside, most charities who wish to make its presence felt online are posed with challenges such as lack of funds and resources in comparison to commercial establishments.

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Many SEO Firms are in the position to recommend unique strategies for charities that are consistently fighting lack of resources. Here are some tips on how your online strategies can sustain in spite of constraints.

AdWords with Google Grants

If you have a registered charity number, you will be able to apply for Google Grants and receive a specific per day grant for free advertising with AdWords. In addition to holding a valid charity status, you also need to acknowledge and agree to the required certifications with respect to provision and use of donation receipts and non-discrimination.

Using Videos Smartly

Using videos as a medium to engage with your audience is a great way to showcase the issues you are trying to fight. With the help of videos you can spread the awareness about your causes and also influence the emotions of your viewers.

While it is assumed that working on an online video campaign can get expensive, this isn’t necessarily true. With the help of your SEO Firm you can find a number of amateur as well as professionals who are more than happy to volunteer for your cause. Take their help to generate video content by using student actors, members of the staff and those affected by the issue at hand. Make sure your video is appealing enough so that users are encouraged to watch and share online.

How to Market your Video

  • Determine the objective of your video before you start to promote it. This could be anything wanting to spread awareness to inviting donations.

  • Consider implementing an outreach program where you get in touch with others belonging in the relevant discipline with an aim to have them publish, promote or share your content.

The Power of YouTube

If the objective of your videos is to gain a lot of views, the best platform to optimize is YouTube. YouTube too offers a Non Profit Program which gives your charity access to a number of features that one would otherwise have to pay for.

For example, your channel page will come with a ‘Donation Button’ which essentially helps you increase your chances of visitors making donations.

YouTube also allows you incorporate a call-to-action overlay without having to pay for this. This means that your video can contain a link in the bottom of the screen which encourages viewers to take a particular action such as share your content or click on the link.

YouTube also allows charities to live stream stage events, rallies, talks and other events for all your supporters who are not in the position to attend. However, if you truly want live streaming to work for you, it is critical that you publicise it in advance to ensure sufficient viewership.

How can your Charity Grow on Facebook?

If you have a decent following on Facebook, it only makes sense for you to consider incorporating a method to have people donate through this platform. A story that is posted on Facebook that becomes popular increases your chances of attracting more people to your page. With a number of applications to choose from, you can leverage this growth to increase your donations.

Internet Marketing and SEO Firms have a number of other tricks up their sleeve which help charities make the most of the internet. Hire a company that is able to help you meet your objectives.

Post By Kristen (1 Posts)

Kristen is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as SEO, internet marketing and social media. She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics.


Kristen is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as SEO, internet marketing and social media. She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics.
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Promoting your Non – Profit Online

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